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Lapid: Netanyahu Will Not Do What He Hasn’t Done in 13 Years

Speaking on Monday morning on the Channel13 TV ‘The World this Morning’ program, MK Yair Lapid explained that there is an advantage to being Prime Minister during elections, but there is also a disadvantage.

He added, “It is understood that there is an election campaign, as we all campaign (and make promises)”.

Lapid explains that whatever Netanyahu is saying now is nothing more than a “trick to bring two additional voters from Kiryat Arba”, adding “whatever wasn’t done in the past 13 years is not going to be done” by him.

“This is Netanyahu’s main problem, too many years in the job. There were periods he was okay, while I did not agree with him, but it has been too long”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What a ridiculous opinion. What support did Netanyahu have from the U.S. for extending sovereignty until recently. The EU, UN, and the leftist Israeli parties would have all condemned him, and punished Israel with loads of penalties, while the US turned away. It’s only recently that the Trump administration has supported the Jerusalem embassy, Golan Heights, and a more realistic peace process (yet to be unveiled). Only recently have Sunni Arab countries begun to overtly work with Israel and recognize their vital role in the ME. I think Bibi is being forthright, and preparing Israeli’s to leverage these recent developments (that he worked hard to develop, not blue/white), and prepare for the big face off with the corrupt, deceiving Iran regime and its proxies, with the US strongly in Bibi’s corner. Lapid is a minor leaguer, propted up by his new association with generals and security professionals, who lack the vision Bibi has always brought to his roles. These b/w wannabes belong in the opposition until they can learn to be Jewish leaders for our times.

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