LOOK AT THIS HATE: Israeli Bus Driver Hangs Portrait of Chareidi Man With Face of A Pig [PHOTOS]


The bus company Kavim which operates in numerous cities throughout Israel decried the actions of one of its drivers on Thursday after the driver hung a drawn image of a Chareidi man with the face of a pig on the window of his bus. The sign had writing on it which read: “Please do not eat, please do not make a mess.”

The image was on the bus that traveled the route of 881 through the city of Modi’in and was photographed by a pedestrian. The woman sent the image to the Honenu organization with a request to help her submit a complaint against the driver and the company.

Attorney Menashe Yado from Honenu sent an urgent letter to the company and to the police asking them to open an investigation into the incident. “This is a photo that screams a racist message against the Chareidi populace,” wrote Yado. “Kavim can not be allowed to pass on anti-semitic messages such as this on their busses as its effects are far more reaching than that of having such an image on private vehicle.”

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Kavim responded with a statement that said: “We are shocked to see this photo which was brought to our attention by the media. We are deeply distressed by the racist image. The driver is being summoned for a formal hearing prior to his termination and we will carry out the full procedures necessary against his actions The company is proud of the opportunity it has been given to provide service to the Chareidi community and we pride ourselves in the coexistence the permeates our organization among all of our staff and drivers. We will continue to strive towards the goal of mutual respect and understanding in the future with emphasis against hurtful imagery such as this.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. While I think it’s a bad taste poster, I think it has to do with the way Charedim act on the bus, it looks like they eat & make lots of mess, and probably don’t care much what driver tells them. I am not defending the poster, but if Haredim would act with Kidush Hashem all the time around non religious people, I am sure they would feel more love. Besides that why are you surprised about the poster, don’t Haredim from Mea Shaarim or Peleg use worse posters than this one? So what do you expect from hilonim?

  2. Is it a disgusting image of an anti-semitic, media influenced secular Israeli public, but is it not the image that Frum people portray when they behave like scoundrels, pushing each other to get on the bus, fighting for a seat, not bother thanking the driver etc. It may be 2 or 3 kids that leave a wrapper on the floor after a whole day shift, but its the hundreds of examples of unrefined behaviour that puts this image into the brain-dead drivers head.