DRAMATIC ARREST: Man With Knife Tries To Stab Mekubal HaRav David Abuchatzeira in Nahariya


A man armed with a knife was arrested in the Yeshiva of the Mekubal HaRav David Abuchatzeira in Nahariya on Motzei Shabbos.

According to multiple reports, a 40-year-old man arrived swearing and cursing at Yeshiva Abir Yaakov, and tried getting his way close to the Mekubal, with intentions of stabbing him.

Gabboyim of the Rav managed to prevent the man from getting closer and police were called. A knife was found on him.

The man was reportedly arrested a few years ago after he tried entering the same building armed with a knife as well. he was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital at the time.

He reportedly is upset that the Mekubal’s Brachos (blessings) did not come true.

The incident today triggered flashbacks in the Abuchatzeira family, as his brother, “Baba Elazar”, Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira ZATZAL of Be’er Sheva, was stabbed to death by a man named Asher Dahan as was reported in live time by YWN in July 2011.

YWN reported in January 2014 that Dahan was given a life sentence in prison for the murder.

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  1. Ocho, i think his point is that YWN many times tries to paint issues like they are black and white (like the way they cover R’ Berland), when you can sometimes dig a little deeper and see that things aren’t always so simple.

  2. Terrible flashbacks. Still hard to fathom what happened to Baba Elazar of Beer Sheva, a pure Oveid HaShem. We can’t measure the loss that such a Tzaddik is to the world every second that his blood boils from being murdered in cold blood. Obviously we werent deserving of his pleading for Klaal Yisroel.

  3. @ocho since That is not lashon hora, they’re both great tzadikim and it’s unfortunate that YWN likes to bully one of the generation’s greatest Gadol

  4. Absolute sheker. Rabbi David Abuchatzira does not support Berland.
    It’s all part of the Berland gang propaganda doing what they do best, giving out false information in order to try try to “kasher” his image.
    The business of the Steipler learning with him and rising for him is also false. No one outside Berlands circle knows about it. The Kanievsky family vehemently deny it.
    Berland is a promiscuous menuval. I myself have heard from fathers of young woman about what he did with their daughters.