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Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira Stabbed To Death [UPDATED 8:03PM EST]

5:58PM EST: [UPDATES IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] YWN has confirmed that Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira of Be’er Sheva was just Niftar after being stabbed multiple times. United Hatzalah was first on the scene and tell YWN that they found him to be in traumatic arrest, he was pronounced dead a few minutes later.

According to initial reports, someone went into his room during the time when he gave people Brachos, and the man stabbed him multiple times. According to our sources, the man has been arrrested. Some sources say that the attacker was well-known in the ‘inner-circle’ of the home. That has not been confirmed by YWN.

Rav Elazar was the grandson of the Baba Sali ZATZAL, and was known as the “Baba Elazar”. He was the son of Baba Meir Abuchatzeira. He was known for his Shmiras Einayim, and always had his face covered with the “Glima”. He also was very against any photos taken of him, and therefore there are not many available.

His brothers are Rav Dovid Abuchatzeira Shlita of Nahariya, Rav Yekusiel, Rav Refoel from Ashdod, and Rav Yehosua Rachamim. His sister is married to Rav Chaim Pinto, the Rov of Ashdod and Kiryat Malachi.

He was reportedly 62 years old.

Levaya details will be published when they are available to us.

UPDATE 7:40PM EST: Police have arrested Asher Dahan as the suspected killer. He was reportedly apprehended by family members in the seconds following the murder. Interior Minister Eli Yishai is reportedly at the hospital, and ZAKA announced that police will not do any autopsy.

UPDATE 8:03PM EST: Hagon Chacham Ovadia Yosef Shlita broke down in tears upon hearing the terrible news, and asked for a phone to talk to the family, Kikar reports. He Paskened that the Levaya can take place after Chatzos on Friday.

The Levaya will start in Be’er Sheva, and then proceed to Yeshiva Porat Yosef in Yerushalayim, followed by the Kevura on Har Hazeisim, next to the Kever of his father.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…

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  1. I am shocked at this new low. The murder of a tzaddik and gadol. A respected Rav.I can’t believe this! Baruch Dayan Ha-Emes.

  2. ISRAEL: Baba Abachatzira was stabbed in his heart R”L by Asher Dahan, a known criminal from Elad, he was his Gabbai 8 yrs ago

  3. BDH. things keep getting crazier. Hashem. how much more?? and by another yid??? These are more wakeup calls for teshuva.

  4. BDE. What is our world coming to. In less than a month there have been 2 grizzly murders committed by fellow Yidden. Something is very wrong. Rosh Hashana cannot come soon enough for me. Perhaps we can start the new year off on a better note. I am very upset.

  5. רחמנא לצלן this should be the end of צרעות in כלל ישראל if there are people משונאי” ישראל” being killed its time for us all to be מפשש במעשנו
    ה ישמור לנו מכל שאר צערות אמן

  6. Buruch dayan haemes! Hashem it’s enough for us . The tragic death of small child leiby a”h and the death of rav abuchatzira zatzal should be the korbunois tzibur and they should bring mushiach bekorov .!

  7. to minyan gal: let’s not wait for Rosh Hashana! By then it will be forgotten. Let’s all be mechazek each other and do teshuva. My rav mentioned that since the crimes are being done by fellow yidden the source of the problem is bein adam lechaveiro, most probibly lashon hara. May we all do a teshuva shelima and bring moshiach!

  8. BDE. We are living in very scary times. I think Minyan Gal can’t wait until Rosh Hashana because this year was filled with tzaros not because she was waiting to do teshuva. If we all do SOME tshuva now, there will be a better year next year. Next year in Yerushalayim.

  9. just thinking in print. 3 gedolim niftar natrually, not to much thought given maybe Hashem is also crying and saying “i sacrifised 3 precious diamonds to get Klal Yisroel to stop and think a little but it didn’t work so now i’ll have to get a little more aggresiv r”l” so let us all stop and get the hint and start taking things to heart and scream to Hashem with a Tzaka Gedolah Meod to forgive us already and bring Mashiach

  10. I am definitely not s/o who can say why things happen, but would like to just make an observation. We had three Gedolim taken away from us from all ends of the world (EY, USA, and America). Now we had a litle innocent boy murdered in the USA and a great Rov in EY? When a tragedy is far away we tend to push it off, but when it comes close to home we are forced to take stock. WE MUST DO TISHUVA WE HAVE NO CHOICE!

  11. i am telling you the phrase ‘home grown terror’ is really taking on a new meaning theses days. we need undercover people in the jewish velt to take care of rodfim before they strike.

  12. According to a car going around here in Yerushalayim, the Levaya in Yerushalayim will be at 11.00 am from Porat Yosef.

  13. BDE!!
    i heard he was 70 not 62.
    what is going on in this crazy world? tow tzadikim killed by JEWS within 2 and a half weeks!!!!!!!!
    May this be the last of the Chevlei Mashiach, and may Tisha B’av this year be a time of Simcha and not of mourning!!! Amen

  14. BD”E. Horrific. The 3 Litvishe Roshei Yeshvos then the Chasid (Leiby) then the Mekubal. We have to wake up!

  15. will the gdolim be watched by body gaurds and we wont be able to talk to them in private? it seems thats we have to do todays day and age!

  16. “Why make a connection with other tragedies?” Please see the opening paragraphs of Sha’arei Teshuvah. If the world “ran”, as the b’nei Amalek believe, by accident, coincidence, “mikreh”, then you would be 100% correct. However you know, we all know, this is not true. There is a Borei u’Manhig ha’olam – Echad, Yochid, um’Yuchad, Hayah, Hoveh, v’Yihyeh. Everything is connected. Yidden are One. Whatever happens to one, ultimately is due to and effect everyone else. We don’t always feel this. Such occurrences bring the recognition home very strongly and clearly. As we approach the time when all will recognize that HaShem Echad u’Shmo Echad, perhaps our final test is in seeing ichud HaShem and ichud Amo.

  17. cont on #18… learning shmiras halashon is very easy to do once a day and its a tremendous zechus for yourself and for all of klal yisroel. since i have begun learning shmiras halashon i have barach Hashem seen yeshuos in my life and its something very necessary and apropriate for everyone to start being careful with. lets learn shmiras halashon. lets increase our ahavas yisroel. hopefully it’ll be the last zechus we need for the coming of mashiach bimhayra biyameinu!

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