Microsoft: Free Windows 7 Security Updates For 2020 Election


Microsoft says it’ll offer free security updates through the 2020 election in the United States — and in other interested democratic countries with national elections next year — for federally certified voting systems running on soon-to-be-outdated Windows 7 software.

That word comes from a Microsoft executive in a blogpost Friday.

An Associated Press analysis previously found that the vast majority of 10,000 election jurisdictions in the U.S. use Windows 7 or an older operating system to create ballots, program voting machines, tally votes and report counts.

Windows 7 reaches its “end of life” on Jan. 14, meaning Microsoft stops providing free technical support and producing “patches” to fix software vulnerabilities, which hackers can exploit. Cash-strapped election officials have been scrambling to address this.



  1. Do NOT update! Micro$lop screw up with their updates and so another update will be needed. If your win7 works fine, remember: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”!

    My computer has win7 and I have never updated it since I had to erase the cursed win8 and install win7 (the last good M$ OS….

  2. Garlic! You must get windows 10, as they are stopping security updates for all other versions including windows 7. You can get windows 10 for 1/2 the price on Amazon, around $100. They have to be good as amazon is very strict about sellers.