PM Netanyahu’s Sons and Wife Mrs. Sara Netanyahu Congratulate Him on his 70th Birthday


As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu celebrated his 70th birthday, there have been a number of celebrations, including one for his family and close friends. In the following video, we see sons Yair and Avner, as well as Mrs. Sara Netanyahu, congratulate the prime minister on the special birthday.

Son Yair
My father is the smartest man I know, truly, among the smartest people in the world. He works from 6:00AM until 1:00AM, addressing issues we cannot imagine. He brought the Jews in Israel and around the world to the most successful period since Shlomo HaMelech. Thanks for being an outstanding dad to me as well, 24/7.

Son Avner
You are well-aware of his abilities as a leader, a public figure. I like how he listens, as he does with world leaders. He knows how to be a great abba.

Mrs. Sara
Almost half my life has been with you. Each day is interesting and a challenge as you are prime minister, having visited areas and nations no other Israeli Prime Minister visited.

You opened the doors! As a citizen and the soldiers need you as prime minister, and I believe you do is as well as one can and for the 13.5 years you are prime minister, there has almost not been an undisturbed night when the red phone does not waken you and your are required to respond, there is no choice.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)