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Abbas: There Will be No Jews in Palestine

abasSpeaking to the media in Cairo on Monday, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) was clear as to his vision for the future State of Palestine, a nation that is free of Jews.

“In the final status agreement we will not see a single Israeli civilian or soldier in our country,” he stated as he shared his racist vision with the international community. Abu Mazen is willing to accommodate multinational forces as is the case today in a number of countries including Lebanon, Syria and Sinai.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Lapid wants Israel to be free of Torah Jews while Abbas wants Israel to be free of Jews altogether.
    Haman vs. Hitler yemach shemom!

  2. He still allows Jews to live in Palestine as Palestinian citizens. He is opposed to Israeli nationals — Jews, Christian or Arab — not to non-Israeli Jews living in Palestine.

  3. … and after your take over your land you leave the population they will be like thorns ….
    Those words are forever true

  4. The inherent problem with a “two state” solution is that it will leave a significant numbers of Jews and Palestinians being highly annoyed at being excluded from part of their respective homelands. Thus a “two state” solution will never be stable. Establishing a “Judenrein” Arab state next to an “Arabischerein” Jewish state is a recipe for permanent hostility. In the long run, war tends to be fatal.

    A one state solution will result in neither group have absolute political control, which would be unacceptable to the secular zionists for whom the raison d’etre of the medinah was to have political control (hareidim less concerned about, since hareidim never controlled the government). However as long as the Arabs don’t feel oppressed, they will put with Jewish neighbors (as long as the Jews don’t get too bossy and treating the Arabs as a servile class). However if Jews can live anywhere in the land, and frum Jews can be free from harassment for being “too frum”- it might work for us.

  5. “In the final status agreement we will not see a single Israeli civilian or soldier in our country,”

    He didn’t say Jew, he said Israeli, meaning Christians, Jews, and Muslim citizens of Israel

  6. Akuperma – the problem with your idea is that once you agree to live under their rule you cant go back if it doesnt work out. I for one have more trust in a phony 3 dollar bill then with Abbas, Obama etc

  7. Akuperma. Israel is already a one state solution. There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims living free of persecution in Israel; they have mosques in Jewish towns, and serve positions in the government and play professional roles. How many shuls do you see in Arab towns? How many Jewish politicians in Muslim governments? That’s right… slim to none. Jews will never be allowed to live peacefully in Muslim countries and will never enjoy the freedoms and privileges that Muslims enjoy in Israel. You know why? Because Muslim countries are missing two things that Israel has: Liberals and Satmars.

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