Criminal Indictment Filed Against Bentzi Gupstein For “Incitement”


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The prosecution on Tuesday filed a criminal indictment against Bentzion Gupstein, the founder of the Lehava organization which seeks to prevent intermarriage. He is being charged with illegal incitement along with supporting a terrorist organization.

Israel’s Justice Ministry said Tuesday that Gopstein had made public “calls for committing acts of violence,” published “racially inciting” material and voiced support for Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish extremist who massacred 29 Muslim worshippers in Hebron in 1994.

In response, Gupstein responded to the indictment, calling Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan “agents of the Reform Movement”, with the latter being an outspoken of Gupstein for some time.

“It is a black day for the prosecution” Gupstein added, going on to say, “They are going against the Torah and there is no doubt that if Matityahu and Yehuda the Maccabi were alive today, they would be thrown into prison for their racism”.

Gupstein concluded, “It will not help them nevertheless as we will continue our work to save bnos Yisrael from the Jewish State. We defeated Pharaoh and Achashverosh and we will defeat Mandelblit and Nitzan.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. gubstein is a completely worthy person a righteous individual and is completely correct
    the state prosecutor who controls the Attorney General’s office Holds
    long-term dislike of any Who don’t fit his narrow oligarchic kleptocracy and could waive indictments at
    anyone like a wand and could spare anyone of his choosing

    some of us have been saying this for a long while

  2. They could condemn Gupstein all they want
    but then the police call him when they need a Jewish woman saved from An Arab

    the hypocrisy of it all

  3. I don’t know Gupstein or what he did or did not do. I know a number of people who married gentiles and, eventually, realized their mistakes and came back to the derech. Violence against them would have only cemented the antagonism toward Judaism that led them to intermarry in the first place.

  4. The right wing in Israel neglected to reform the third world totalitarian Justice Department when they had the power. Nothing was done and now they continue to indict anyone who doesn’t think like them.

  5. huju,
    not relevant
    he doesn’t deal with people involved in voluntary Relationships except to discourage them
    he deals with those who show some inclination to escape and yes he gives them encouragement and Aid

    you feel we should encourage the woman To remain with the Arabs Which would be on par with the rest of your agenda naturally or have you gone so far left that you actually came out now on the other side on the far right that you believe the masculine Arabs have a right to dominate a woman all of a sudden

  6. “Incitement” in American law is called “protected speech”, and is covered by the 1st amendment. While the left wing in America wants to make politically incorrect speech illegal (and its banned in many private universities already), they aren’t likely to manage to abolish free speech. In Israel, there is no tradition of civil liberties and their legal system is based on the “imperial” version of the British system (one deliberately lacking the “Rights of Englishmen” that led Americans to revolt)

  7. if Matityahu and Yehuda the Maccabi were alive today, they would be thrown into prison for their racism

    No, if Matisyahu were alive today he would stab Mandelblit.