Hebron: IDF Soldiers Attacked by Palestinians, then Retreat [VIDEO]


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Once again, IDF soldiers on patrol were attacked by Palestinians hurling rocks at them.

After soldiers threw smoke grenades at them, the Palestinians picked them up and threw them back at soldiers, who began choking. The Palestinians they move in close to the soldiers, who are seen retreating and seeking cover.

One injured Palestinian was detained, and then handed over to the Red Crescent for transport to a PA hospital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The IDF terrorizes the people over there. They raid their homes. Arrest people randomly. They raid homes randomly. IDF soldiers have testified to this for years.

  2. I feel bad for the soldiers. What are they doing there? Hebron has 200,000 Arabs and around 500 Jewish settlers. There’s no need for jewish boys and girls to be drafted to go to Hebron to protect maniac settlers who defy Rav Shach z’l and other gadolim who say don’t provoke the goyim by building settlements in the territories. I have had rocks thrown at me (by Jewish israelis). It isn’t pleasant. It’s pretty scary. This whole mess in Hebron is because of “Religious Zionism.” And not only that, the IDF in Hebron is very rough on the Pals. They intentionally try to make them “feel chased.” They do all kinds of bullying and beating and raids and arrests, provoking this rock throwing. The rock throwing doesn’t come from nowhere. It isn’t just because they hate us cacha. And the soldiers pay the price for this madness.

  3. um, @JNN10.
    And so? lets say they do. Is that wrong? Well as a counter-terrorism tactic, no. Its not. So even if what your saying is accurate, of what significance is it?
    As a rule, ask yourself this, what would happen if israelis said they will never pick up a weapon again? then ask yourself what would happen if the so- called “palestinians” say they will never pick up a weapon again? then you’l know which side is right.
    As for this video per se, what in the world is the objective here? are we playing the “rock” game?
    If you have a mission to carry out, send thes fellows as martyrs to their great land of ‘virginya’. If not… what are you doing?!

  4. Maybe Israel should begin treating stones as the weapons they are. Perhaps take a page out of the Iraqi “law enforcement” manual? In Iraq they use live fire, 28 killed in under 24 hours and barely a peep from the world!!

  5. JNN10 youre repeating leftist lies! Jews have lived in Hevron longer than the so called “Palestinians.” The Arabs are the ones who always attack first and terrorize Jewish families.

  6. JNN10 ,

    I don’t know what spiked drink you’re chugging, but the IDF trats there low-class scum terrorists more humanely than most countries. Just look at the protests in Iran where by just one protest the Iranian forces killed 146 unarmed protesters. Just imagine the outcry of “sympathy” has Israel done the same!
    Where are the protests, the cries of sympathy, the outrage against injustice of these deaths? Oh, wait! It wasn’t Israel that committed these atrocities, it was the Arabs themselves.
    That’s OK in the eyes of the world….

  7. 1) Yashir koach to the soldiers who realized that smoke grenades from unarmed people are not reason to kill. They are following rules of engagement properly.

    2) Why are soldiers patrolling in Hevron? It’s not a combat zone. The situation in Hevron is one that calls for well-trained police, who are experienced in crowd control and the psychology of dealing with civilians. Young IDF soldiers are trained for fighting, not police work. Police would know the ways of controlling civilians, not like young soldiers who haven’t been trained for anything between “kill” and “retreat.”

    Strengthen the police presence in Hevron and send the soldiers back to the borders.