SHOCKING SCENE: Sephardi Bnei Brak Yeshiva DESTROYED By Neighboring Yeshiva Bochrim [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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A long-standing feud between Bochrim from two neighboring Yeshivos escalated to an unimaginable level on Monday night.

According to multiple sources, the Bochrim from [Merkaz] Vishnitz Yeshiva (under the leadership of the Rebbe, Reb Mendel Hager Shlita) have been complaining that Bochrim from Yeshivas Nachlas Dan (a Sephardi Yeshiva) have been harassing them for quite some time. They claim that they have been verbally abused, physically attacked, and sometimes things thrown at them.

On Monday, the Vishnitz Bochrim claim that eggs were thrown at the Vishnitzer Rebbe. It does not appear the eggs hit their intended target, but the act was enough to infuriate them to take matters into their own hands.

As can be seen in the videos and images below, a large group of around 100 Vishnitzer Bochrim entered Yeshiva Nachlas Dan, and literally trashed the entire building, causing tremendous damage.

Many are asking why Police were not called to deal with this situation, instead of what transpired today.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “As can be seen in the videos and images below, a large group of around 100 Vishnitzer Bochrim entered Yeshiva Nachlas Dan,”
    No such thing can be scene. There is footage of a trashed dorm, and footage of an indistinct commotion on the street.

  2. Don’t know the story, but if true, none of these bochurim should be allowed to remain in their yeshiva. Their tefillin should be held for ransom to repair the damage. A yeshiva is a Bais Hashem, and those who desecrate it should not be allowed to get away with such a crime. If they are doing this on behalf of their rebbe, or for his honor, they should be held accountable, by him.

    The very idea that yeshiva bochurim, chassidishe at that, should engage in violence is repulsive, and certainly speaks the opposite message of chassidus. Or is it about rooting for one’s team? When brawls break out at professional sports events, we scratch our heads in wonder. Should we not be far better than that?

  3. Just think what damage they might have done had the eggs hit their intended target? And with incidents like this, they are surprised that many hold Chareidim in contempt?

  4. i wouldnt jump to conclusions (partially bec of dishonest reporting when it comes to chasidim. YWN, ahem… but even w/out that,) i mean, they threw eggs at their rebbe!! if that would happen to our rabanim, say, rav chaim kanievsky, the whole world would be turned on its head!!! of course such a response (as reported) would be wrong, but the vizhnitzers, certainly have what to be mad about.

  5. Brave Jews gave their lives and limbs to establish the State of Israel. If this report is substantially true, perhaps the vandals should be expelled from the State of Israel.

  6. i would also add, that YWN shouldve reported that the fued “escalated to an unimaginable level”- when the other thugs threw eggs at their rebbe. if someone would have the chutzpah to throw eggs at rav chaim, it would be the latest most fiery hock for weeks!!! and probably some individuals would also take unwarranted action, thats wrong. reminder: they look at their rebbe like the gadol hador. and thats fine.
    but my point is to look at everything in the right honest perspective. if we just look blindly, yes vishnitzer chassidim are the worse people in the world. if take everything into perspective, then we will see that every community has its hotheads, and extremist, thats life, and if u do something to infuriate them, they will do something violent. should we try to help them, certainly. if we cant help, should we just sit back report on our sites and hock in the coffee room about them, no thats certainly wrong. and we gain nothing knowing about it.

  7. This LOOKS outrageous but if true that one group was throwing eggs at the Rebbe of the other group, sorry, but might be a good response. Imagine YOUR Rebbe pelted with eggs. Imagine Rav Chaim being hit with eggs, chas veSholom.
    Hopefully this minor response will garner enough attention for adults to do something about it.

  8. To: das Torah
    If 1 guy throws an egg, you don’t trash an entire Yeshiva with 180 students.

    Maybe speak to the Rosh HaYeshiva first and tell him what 1 of his students did. He may throw out that 1 student from the Yeshiva.

  9. Wouldn’t the mature thing have been for the two Rosh Ha’Yeshivos or other head hanholah to have spoken and disciplined whoever started this? And if no agreement, have gone to a mutually agreed upon Rov to settle this?
    These people are SUPPOSED to represent what frum yiddishkite is all about.
    Tremendous Chilul Hashem! A black eye on BOTH Yeshivos specifically, and on the Chareidei community bichlal.

  10. I can understand that by looking at the pictures and the video clips it is very easy to blame the hasidim for what they did however it would be wrong to reach any conclusions because we don’t know the full story none of us leaving comments spoke to either side and heard the full and true story from what I heard the hasidim suffered from this Sephardic yeshiva for years abuse and even physical abuse and attacks even after the hasidim spoke to the administration of the Sephardic yeshiva nothing was done to keep them back from their constant abuse to the hasidim so it is very possible that they deserved what they got perhaps now they will feel how it feels to be abused and physically attacked. If all this is true and they kept on harassing and abusing and attacking the hasidim and nothing was done from there end to curtail their actions and their beastly behavior that of hooligans it is possible that they very well deserved what they got.

  11. #avraham, i dont see were we argue. i`m not in any way condoning such behavior, as i stated above. as with the 1 guy who threw an egg, yu made up that figure, and it may very well be that 100 sphardim got together to throw eggs at the rebbe.

  12. Just about 2 weeks ago ywn had a clip of rabbi Mutzapy an esteemed Sephardic rabbi while giving a sermon in a shul to his congregants openly made fun of how ashkenazim daven and act while praying it was absolutely despicable by doing so he gave the full right to his Sephardic hooligans 2 attack and abuse ashkenazim and hasidim so looking at it from a true perspective it seemed that in this case they were fully at fault and deserved what they got. Unfortunately some sephardim think that it is a mitzvah to make fun of and abuse ashkenazim and hasidim especially if they see that there esteemed religious leader himself poked fun and abused ashkenazim and chasidim.

  13. This is an extreme reaction to an egg throwing incident, that didn’t even hit the intended target. The students who did this need some serious help learning to mediate their emotions and they need to learn about socially acceptable expressions of emotion. If fighting and destroying stuff is a value, perhaps they should enlist in the IDF?

  14. In Israel – apparently most of you don’t know what is like dealing with thugs and gangs (i dont want to name any specific group). I have experience first hand unfortunately. One neighbor had an argument with my kid once (we don’t even know what it was- maybe not even an argument) and brought all his friends to terrorize our family. This goes on forever, continuing with their younger brothers ad infinitum. I personally went to speak to the principal of their school more than once (since they come on their way home from school each day to ‘have fun’ terrorizing us including me and my small children), providing photos of the offenders and still it continues.
    In a separate story, my sons school shares a building with 2 other schools. there are ongoing fights and many times my son is afraid to leave the house for fear of being attacked by boys lying in wait.
    I can certainly understand the chassidish group (though I don’t condone this kind of behavior) as chassidim are often considered easy targets for harassment and they have probably suffered this in silence for years. Some types of people only speak one language – the language of violence and that is the only thing they understand. sad but true.

  15. I would like to point out to issues that might not be understood from the above comments number one when I mentioned that they probably deserved what they got that doesn’t mean that the hasidim had a right to do it number two according to the halacha they could very well be responsible for their actions and might be obligated to compensate them monetarily for the damaged this has to be decided buy a non partial baisdin.

  16. Great comments Love them all.
    Seriously if this is what Torah is all about get me off the train.
    It’s funny that all these “frum” ( fill in the blank) are so medakdek when it comes to Etrog, matza , lettus, wine shall I go on, it’s ALL you know what.
    Close them Both down, send them to patrol Gaza, if not they should go to NY and would make a better fit to join Satmar.

  17. There is no evidence that the person who kissed the Mezuzah actually destroyed anything. It is possible he was walking around part of the group without engaging in any destructive behavior. If anything it looks like he is walking around scared and not realizing what is happening. Life is gray and we have to worry about ourselves before we worry about anyone else.

  18. Why are you not posting my comments your news reporting is beginning to look like the Washington Post with only selectively news biased news being printed and selective comments being posted which is really unfair

  19. This is an extreme reaction to an egg throwing incident, that didn’t even hit the intended target. The students who did this need some serious help learning to mediate their emotions and they need to learn about socially acceptable expressions of emotion. If fighting and destroying stuff is a value, perhaps they should enlist in the IDF?

  20. Its not the first time Vishnitz bochrim ransacked a yeshivah, its the third incident in two years. Below is a link to one of the previous pogroms by Vishnitzer bochrim.

  21. Lashan Harah: You are right. The news story should have stated that hoodlums from a certain Chassidus whose Rebbe’s names rhymes with Lager vandalized a shul where the shaliach tzibur was heard to add a “vayatzmach purkanei v’korev moishichei” in kaddsih. Keep the readership in the dark.

  22. yael.e just described the lifestyle of the people in every inner-city crime-ridden neighborhood in all of America. If that is this case, this is the most troubling thing I have ever heard and that should be the #1 issue to tackle.
    That lifestyle is unacceptable even for the animals.