12 Percent of Chareidi Students Leave The Fold Each Year


The non-profit organization known as Out For Change, conducted a study based upon statistics from the Israeli Bureau of Statistics and discovered that 12 percent of the graduating class of Chareidi students have chosen to leave the Chareidi community. Close to 2,000 people, men and women, left the Chareidi community in the last year, a rise of some 20 percent over the last study conducted which took place in 2012 where it was found that only 10 percent of the graduating class left the fold.

The organization, which assists Chareidim looking to leave the fold and enter into mainstream Israeli society, believes that this is a trend that is growing and that the Israeli government needs to provide assistance to the men and women who wish to enter into mainstream society.

CEO of Out For Change, Nadav Rosenblatt said: “This is not a new trend, even 100 years ago men and women left the Chareidi community. However, the dramatic increase in numbers over the past few years has shown us that this trend is growing and it is occurring on a daily basis. We need to set aside resources for the people leaving their communities and help them integrate into society as a whole. It doesn’t cost a lot and the potential for growth is incredible it is something that would benefit all of Israel if we could these thousands of people each year find their way quickly to become integrated members of society.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. that’s a pretty blatant lie! if the army forges chareidi enlistment numbers for their agenda, kal vechomer this חוטא ומחטיא, מסית ומדיח reshaim manipulate and multiply the numbers to fit their agenda.

  2. To take with a few grains of salt – as coming from an organization who seeks government funding to integrate those kids into “society”. Can it be the same 2,000 fictional kids who were “inducted” into the Nachal Chareidi this past year?

  3. So I guess that means the hareidim really don’t exist any more, and there is no need for “Blue and White” to make persecuting hareidim the key plank in their platform?

  4. What “graduating class” is he talking about? Chareidi yeshivas here don’t have graduating classes.
    So, this character is seeking government funding for Chareidi youth who “leave the community”. It would then seem reasonable to ask for government assistance to help those seeking to enter the fold (baalei teshuva).

  5. Any organization that is in the business of assisting Chareidim looking to leave and enter into mainstream Israeli society is going to inflate their numbers.

    That said, how do they define leaving the Chareidi world?

    If they mean going OTD then no I don’t believe that out of every Chareidi class of 25 you have an average of three people going OTD. If they mean that out of every Chareidi class of 25 you have an average of three people who no longer identify with the Chreid world but are still frum they are probably correct