Lone Individual Shouts at Mispallalim for Davening with Attorney General Mandelblit on Friday Night


A lone individual entered a shul on Friday night and shouted at mispallalim for davening together with Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit, whom he opposes due to Mandelblit’s decision to indict Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

According to a report from Tamar Almog of KAN11 News, a man entered the shul and began shouting not to daven with Mandelblit. The intruder was distanced from the shul by security personnel and later by police.

Some four months ago, an investigation was ordered by police after reports of continued harassment against Mandelblit. Twelve suspects were questioned by police in connection to attacks, especially from the Bnei Brak and Jerusalem areas.

In another case of attacks against Mandelblit, a person defaced the Kever of Mr. Baruch Mandelblit Z”L, the attorney general’s father who was niftar recently.

There have also been signs against Mandelblit and other forms of harassment.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Whatever political disagreements one may have with either Mandelblit or Netanyahu, these animals who disrupt the davening or desecrate a matzavah are the absolute worst drech of the tzibur.

  2. Mandelblit is acting despicably, and is singlely responsible for the unprecedented need of a 3rd election, which by definition has deflected a lot of potential money for Yeshivos and hospitals, away to paying useless elections.

  3. 147: Useless elections? There would have been no need for elections had Netanyahu agreed to step aside while his legal problems are resolved. He obviously is clinging to power to provide a chance of seeking immunity from prosecution while in office. He some of his own Likud colleagues want to see him gone.