Women of the Wall Plans To Light Menorah At Kosel; Blasts Hagon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef In Statement


Rishon L’Tzion HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef Shlita announced on Sunday that women are prohibited to light Chanukah candles, in line with the psak of the Mechaber. Rav Yosef added that the Reform Movement and the Women of the Wall are destroying Yiddishkeit and one must combat their efforts.

In response, the Women of the Wall (WoW) organization released a message, “The rabbi must ask himself why he feels so threatened by the fact that women light Chanukah candles at the Kosel. Does the rav mean to imply that in every home in which women light Chanukah candles Yiddishkheit is being destroyed? In every municipal event in which women light Chanukah candles Yiddishkheit is being destroyed?

“The rav needs to wake up and understand that the fact is that 50% of the Jewish people takes part in the mitzva of Chanukah, and it is not destroying Yiddishkheit but increasing the light and this is the only way to spread light on Chanukah.

“The time has come for the Chief Rabbi to wake up and begin fulfilling his job description, to faithfully represent the entire Jewish people and not just small parts of it. The rabbi needs to understand that in the 2000s, there is no place for the excluding women anywhere, certainly not the holy place for Jews. WoW will light Chanukah candles at the Kosel this year too, on the third night of Chanukah, and all are invited to participate.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The Chasam Sofer had foresight when he explained that originally Chanukah candles where lit outside and it was improper to have women light among the men, so even now when we light inside, women don’t light.

  2. Its extremely important to differentiate between people who are truly interested in wanting to learn and participate in the Jewish faith then those who want to see it destroyed.
    I know women who are NOT instigators and want to learn, know and do. They just dont know sometimes how to ask.
    They are some pure form seekers out there with no-one to help them.

    Here, (WoW), you have bunch of women who would rat out Jews and hide behind the fake innocent and cry “inclusion or death”. They dont want to be included. they have no desire to participate and get to understand the beauty of our religion. All they want to do is divide and destroy.
    Its a mistake to say they are stupid. THEY are not dumb, They are well financed, well represented in the US, European and Israeli Governments.
    THEY have an agenda.
    Its a mistake to label them “Reform” and close the door.
    The “Frummies” must embrace the regular “Reform and Conservative” Jews, we must invite them to our houses and explore with them what and why it is so beautiful and fulfilling to be “Jewish”. Otherwise WE FAIL.
    The leaders of these Apikorsim, Helenists MANY AMERICANS are the real threat.
    So Rabossai and Women of Sadkanios, Smile when you see a Jew. Dont look down on them. Try to and Mekarav them.
    The enemy of the Jewish Helenist is a SMILE on our faces.

  3. Yup…out of the kitchen, out of the house, learning a blat gemorah, getting advanced degrees in law, science and medicine, being appointed to judgeships where they can send a man to jail …yup a bunch of “hellenistas”, “surahlas” and “rivkalahs”.totally out of control

  4. If the Rama allows (actually prefers) that everyone in the household light for themselves, which includes women, and many women in Ashkenazi homes light their own candles, why is this a problem? And why is the Sephardi Chief Rabbi telling Askenazi women what or what not to do?

  5. You can watch the shiur on Torah anytime. The Rav explains that lighting at the kotel is like lighting in a shul which is only a mitzvah for a minyan of men (even for Ashkenazim). Besides the halachik issue of a bracha levatala, we all know the women of the wall don’t really care about following halacha, just the opposite they’re trying to change the torah and therefore we have to fight their ideologies and realize how dangerous it is to klal yisrael.

  6. The WoW, meaning the wackos off the wall, do not do what they do to serve HaShem, rather they enjoy making a political statement that defies and defiles religion. They basically hate religion and use it as a means to annoy and offend observant Jews in hopes that we will be silenced.

    But hopefully the Bais Yaakov schools will send thousands of girls there to fill up the wall so they have NO access. and well we will have to see what will happen.