Unbelievable: Over One Half of the Candidates Failed the Israeli Bar Exam


The results of the last bar exam given in Israel were released on Sunday, December 29, 2019. According to the dismal results, 52% of the candidates failed the exam. Of 2,492 persons who took the exam, only 1,196 passed while 1,296 failed.

According to school; 86% of the students from the University of Tel Aviv passed. Regarding the Carmel Academic College, that figure stands at 22%, which means four out of every five who took the exam failed.

For comparison sake, six years ago, in 2013, the percent of candidates who failed the exam was 22%. During that same period of time, all the interns who studied in universities passed the exam. At Tel Aviv University, the passing rate was 97%. The rate at the Carmel Academic College was 76%, almost four times today’s results.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The fix is in. The Israeli government consistently fails people on purpose in order to limit the amount of new people coming into a certain field. And of course they pick winners and losers as well. 97% from TLV univ? That’s the biggest lie. And every ministry does this. Ministry of Health picks winners and losers for doctors. Ministry of Tourism does the same with new tour guides. 50% are automatically failed out of the classes and aren’t even allowed to take the exam. Then another 50% “fail” the exam. It’s truly disgusting and quite reminiscent of the Bulshevism that created this state.