How Much is Backing Public Chilul Shabbos Worth? – Shas Deputy Mayor Voted for Shabbos Buses in Ramat Gan


The Ramat Gan City Council has allocated NIS 2.5 million for the ‘Shabus’ project R”L, a network providing public transportation on Shabbos, and this was accomplished with the support of Councilman David Menachem of Shas.

The NIS 2.5 million was approved during a city council meeting on Sunday, providing the funding required for the city to actualize its plan to provide limited public bus service on Shabbos during the summer months for those seeking it. The initiative was of course met with a vociferous chareidi opposition.

However, on Sunday night, close to midnight in fact, the Ramat Gan City Council passed the city’s 2020 budget, which included the NIS 2.5 million for the Shabbos bus service.

Ramat Gan Deputy Mayor David Menachem, who is also the chairman of the party on the local level, was among the votes in favor of the Chilul Shabbos bus service. Another Shas councilman, Zohar Yashrim, told Kikar Shabbos News “I am saddened that when we light the eighth candle of Chanukah, such a decision is passed and brings a great deal of darkness to the public sphere.”

“What was even more painful was seeing my fellow colleagues all voted in favor for the budget…including the ‘Shabus'” added Yashrim, who told Kikar News he remains opposed to funding Shabus pubic bus service.”

However, when the late vote came, Yashrim voted with his party, backing it. Later he explained he was asleep due to the late hour and was unaware it included the Shabbos buses, and he would have expressed his “vehement objection” to that portion of the budget.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Unaware it included Shabos buses”. Laughable.
    These Zionist clowns are posing as Jewish representatives. They dont have to. Israel is a secular country, run by atheist Jews and please dont make it into a religious argument.
    Chilul Shabos is sad and unfortunate. No question about it. But aren’t these secular Israelis gonna ride buses anyway while all shops are open? Who buys this crap? Its a total game. Who are you trying to fool? Israel is NOT a Jewish State and wont be till the day of Mashiach.

  2. Lashon HaRa
    Character assassination. The guy admitted he didn’t know the voting for budget was coupled to the transportation bill. SHAME ON YOU yeshiva worldloshonhoro

  3. How disgusting and repulsive these people are. This is am affront to the intelligence of their entire constituency.

    It’s high time the tzibur as a whole disowns these lowlives. Its obvious that nothing interests them other than the comfortable seats within the city’s coalition government, and any and all methods to preserve those seats.

    A party that once toppled governments because the air force received a shipment of new planes on friday night at Ben Gurion, has fallen so low as to support Chilul Shabbos as official policy.

    What are these representatives worth then? If they are willing to sell out our values so shamelessly, why are we voting them in to begin with?

  4. Chilul Shabos “an official policy”. Aren’t you all laughing at this? Israelis dont give a sh.. about Shabos nor anything holy in their personal lives so why wld they care in their professional lives?
    The horrible question falls on the chareidim in the government. You all joined the govt to COUNTER the chilul Shabos and more and all you’re doing is watching these bums sink even lower and they’re shlepping you all down.
    Time to realize that the Satmar Rav Zatzal was right. JOINING AN ATHEIST GOVERNMENT IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE.