VIRUS FEAR SPREADS: 3 Israelis Cleared Of Controvirus After Placed In Isolation


Three Israelis with flu-like symptoms were hospitalized and placed in isolation to rule out the possibility they contracted the coronavirus which has killed 41 people in China, a Channel 12 News reports said.

The doctors believed that the three patients, who recently returned from China or had contact with people who had, didn’t actually have the virus but were acting with the utmost caution to prevent the possible spread of the quickly spreading virus. Later on Motzei Shabbos, the Health Ministry announced that lab tests showed that the three did not have the coronavirus.

Two other Israelis who also recently returned from China and were experiencing flu-like symptoms were hospitalized earlier over the weekend but were pronounced free of the virus and released.

A Chinese tourist in Beit Jala was hospitalized after experiencing flu-like symptoms, a Walla report said.

[Xi Calls Situation Grave As China Scrambles To Contain Virus]

Israel’s Health Ministry issued a warning to Israeli citizens to avoid traveling to Wuhan, China and nearby areas. The Ministry also announced that there are presently no Israelis in Wuhan. However, shortly later, an Israeli named Ofer posted on social media that the Ministry’s announcement was not correct and he is currently residing in Wuhan, the Channel 12 News report said.

“This morning a friend sent me a message: ‘The Health Ministry announced that there are no Israelis in Wuhan, China’ as far as they know. But I am here, and I am Israeli,” Ofer said. “I am under siege along with 10 million other residents until the danger passes and the new virus passes.”

China announced on Friday it is building a hospital with 1,000 beds exclusively for patients with the coronavirus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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