Hamas Terrorists Continue Launching Balloon Bombs At Israel


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Hamas operatives inside the Gaza Strip continue to launch balloon bombs at Israel in the hopes of igniting large fires and injuring civilians. Police sappers were called to various locations in the Gaza periphery to dismantle explosive devices attached to bombs that were launched at Israel. The bombs landed in Sderot, Kiryat Gat, and in other locations throughout the regional council district of Sha’ar HaNegev.

The areas where the balloons landed was cordoned off by police until the bombs could be defused. In numerous instances, United Hatzalah provided medical security for the police officers often using ATVs, especially when the bombs landed in fields or deserted areas that were difficult to access by car.

A polie spokesperson said: “Due to the high volume of these types of incidents in the past few days, we wish to remind the public that anytime a suspicious object is spotted, it is imperative to immediately call for emergency help at the number 100. It is absolutely prohibited to touch the object, and one should keep all curious onlookers away from the area until the police can arrive. Police sappers are the only ones qualified and empowered to properly deal with suspicious objects and they possess protective and professional equipment that will aid them in defusing the bombs.”

United Hatzalah team providing medical security for Police sapper deactivating a balloon bomb on Kibbutz Saad


  1. Israel needs to respond to these events with huge wrath. The closet terrorist supporters in US Congress will vilify Israel as responding too tough – disproportionate. May these terror supporters become terror victims themselves. Meanwhile, every event should result in major casualties for Gazan terrorists. They understand nothing else.