Unprecedented Ruling: Israeli Imprisoned In Thailand For 50 Years To Be Transferred To Israel


Israel’s Supreme Court ruled last week that Yigal Machlouf of Beer Sheva, an Israeli imprisoned in Thailand for drug dealing (Ecstacy pills) will be transferred to Israel and serve his sentence in an Israeli prison, Chareidim10 reported.

Machlouf, 51, was sentenced to death about 12 years ago but his sentence was commuted to 50 years of imprisonment.

The appeal to the Supreme Court was filed three years ago on the background of Machlouf’s deteriorating health due to the difficult conditions in prison and the lack of medical care he requires.

Harav Nechemia Wilhelm, the Chabad shaliach in Bangkok, has supported Machlouf with great devotion from the time he was arrested and has tried to alleviate some of his suffering caused by the difficult conditions in Thai prisons.

Upon the outbreak of the coronavirus, Machlouf’s attorney appealed to the Supreme Court judges to expedite his verdict in light of the additional risk to Machlouf’s health.

The decision was made contrary to the positions of former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister Amir Ohana and Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Israeli Imprisoned In Thailand For 50 Years To Be Transferred To Israel”

    Sentenced to 50 years, not actually imprisoned for 50 years.

    Please don’t post misleading titles

  2. How can you write such an article and not even mention whether Thailand has offered to send this person home? Without that an Israeli court decision is meaningless!