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A New Community Planned in Nachal Eron

A new community has been approved in the Nachal Iron area, known more commonly by its Arab name, Wadi Ara, the Route 65 area.

The National Council for Development gave the green light for the community, which will be called Mitzpei Eron. It will be located near Katzir and Charish.

The permit for the new community was granted despite strong objections from Israel Nature Preservation Society, with its officials expressing fears the new community will have a devastating impact on the landscape.

The approval is part of the government effort towards granting incentives to young couples to relocate to the north, realizing the Galil, which has been ignored for too long, is being lost to the Arab population.

Activists in the predominately Wadi Ara Arab community angrily point out that for many years, the construction of Dar al-Hanun has been stopped due to environmental concerns in the area.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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