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1st In Months: Israel’s Daily Cases Surge To Almost 3,000

Israel’s daily coronaviurs cases surged to 2,862 on Wednesday, the highest number of daily cases in over two months, with tests showing a positivity rate of 3.5%, the highest rate in almost two months.

There are currently 19,887 active patients, of whom 381 are seriously ill and 138 are ventilated. The death toll has risen to 3,022.

“We can longer avoid imposing further restrictions,” deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch told Army Radio on Wednesday morning, referring to the fact that the government made a decision that if the number of daily cases reaches 2,500, it will tighten restrictions.

Kisch said that the Health Ministry will call for stores and businesses to close next week and remain shut for five weeks. Businesses that don’t receive the public will be allowed to remain open as well as schools in yellow and green zones.

“I understand the huge economic, social and educational price,” he said. “But ultimately we all understand that the faster we take action, the more we can decrease the price we’ll all pay.”

Kisch added that although the Health Ministry intended to recommend that schools in red and orange zones be closed, a new plan is now in the works for schools to conduct quick tests for students and staff, thereby allowing them to remain open.

“This is a huge undertaking, but we are working on a plan implement testing that will enable those who test negative to return to school,” he said.

“We see a rise in morbidity in the Arab sector but not just there,” Kisch said. “There’s also a rise in the Chareidi sector.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I wonder if vaccinated people can spread the virus from the time period between their vaccination until antibodies are made, And if this is contributing.

  2. This vaccine is a MRna vaccine, unlike traditional vaccines that contain inactive/live virus particles, this vaccine just trains our body to make a protein that will trigger an immune response against covid-19 in our body. The immune response produces antibodies preventing us from being infected with covid-19. Therefore no one can Get infected or transfer the virus from the vaccine.

  3. @TruthSeeker no one in Israel has received the vaccine so no point in making up reasons for something that doesn’t need an explanation.

  4. What do they mean by “cases”??

    Do they mean people with serious symptoms, or people that just happen to sneeze, or do they mean people that tested positive to some test with no symptoms at all?

    How significant are these tests?

    How many people died in Israel during the past ten months and how many died during the same period of the previous year.

    Could someone please publish these very relevant statistics?

    If there was no significant increase then what we have is not a corona pandemic but a hysteria pandemic.

    Why don’t the authorities publish this very important information so that the public can be aware of the true situation?

    Are they hiding something?

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