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Chasdei Hashem: Chareidi Couple Escapes Injuries or Worse in Chevron

A chareidi couple celebrating a simcha in Beersheva headed back to Yerushalayim driving through Yehuda, apparently the result of a poor GPS. They were directed into Arab-controlled Chevron. They also blame security forces for recently removing area checkpoints, which would have prevented their error, which could have had costly consequences.

The story occurred on 29 May, a Thursday, when the Har Nof couple were about to return home from a simcha in Beersheva. The husband relied on his GPS, starting off for what they believed would be a regular drive home.

At one point they realized their error, when the GPS was unable to name streets, and then instructed them to take maneuvers that were not logical or possible. Then, while attempting to exit the village, an Arab youth stood in the street to block their path. Seeing the Arab youth waiting with rocks ready to throw, they now understood the seriousness of the situation. Unable to turn around, they inched up slowly with the vehicle and then with an unexpected zest, drove onto the sidewalk talking an extremely sharp turn and managed to bypass the youth, who began hurling the rocks, and extricating themselves.

Unfortunately, the nightmare did not end here and the GPS was not doing any good, unable to navigate the Arab areas. They soon found themselves at a dead end. Suddenly, the driver spotted a guard booth, but was uncertain if it was an IDF position, or perhaps PA security. Nevertheless, he decided it was his best bet and headed for it. The soldier inside was quite shocked upon realizing the vehicle was that of Jews and not PA residents emerging from the ‘lion’s den’.

Fortunately, it was IDF and they received an IDF escort out of the area back to the main road, uninjured physically. They did make it home to Har Nof, a bit later than anticipated, and they recited birchas ha’gomel over the events on their return trip home.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. interesting to note, if arab ventures into jewish town he wont have to worry about being lynched, torn limb to limb and hung on lamp post with cheering crowd “g-d is great, g-d is great” v’hu yiyah perah adom..” no other explanation…all other excuses are naught. if there is a people who have excuse to act that way it jews, from all the atrocities that was commited against them thruout the ages..but wouldnt be able to do it to save his life (maybe then yes)

  2. sammy. but the first half is that the zionists and idf got them into this mess in the first place by igniting hate amongst the locals. but thank them we must.but do we must kiss the hand that bites us

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