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Israeli Hospitals Told To Prepare For Rise In Pediatric COVID Cases

Israel’s Health Ministry instructed hospitals this week to prepare for an increase in pediatric coronavirus cases ahead of the reopening of the educational system.

“In the coming months, we are expecting to see a rise in infections in children of all ages in Israel due to the end of the lockdown, the opening of the educational system, and the fact that children cannot be vaccinated,” the Health Ministry stated.

“In addition, evidence is accumulating of higher infection rates in children due to the British variant.”

“The pediatric hospitalization system must be prepared for this challenge by preparing beds for at least four coronavirus patients on the regular pediatric wards.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. Please clarify: I would have sworn that I just saw 5 seconds ago TYW headline stating that in Israel there is a 94% DROP in covid case due to the Pfizer vaccine….

    This is soooo confusing……

  2. They like to play both sides.
    The vaccine is VERY effective.
    Serious illness is on the RISE. Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed soon.
    May Hashem expose any sheker that is occurring very soon, before more damage is done.

  3. Again, why use Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, Ivormectin, vitamin D and other low priced effective prevention and treatment when they can point to the deaths and serious cases, and fearmonger about “expected” cases, to justify lockdowns and promote the “vaccines.”
    Peoples’ lives are being sacrificed intentionally.

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