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Social Workers to Step-Up Sanctions

After some two months of sanctions by 7,000 of the nation’s social workers, they have come to the realization that their shouts have been falling on deaf ears since there is no sign that the treasury will be responding to their calls for assistance any time soon.

The social workers employed in local municipalities and by government agencies around the country are calling for funding to alleviate the critical manpower shortage, stating they require a minimum of an additional 1,000 professionals to begin addressing the backlog of cases.

Union leaders accuse the treasury and other government agencies of turning a blind eye to the critical situation, not even entering into negotiations with the strikers during the past two months.

As a result, strike leaders appear ready to step-up their action by closing offices around the country despite the realization such a move will have a dire impact on the lives of many – explaining they are left with no other alternative due to the absence of a governmental response to date.

Labor & Social Affairs Minister (Labor) Yitzchak Herzog insists his office has been maintaining a dialogue with strike leaders and with treasury officials and he hopes to have some tangible solutions in the coming weeks. Herzog stated that two weeks ago he assembled a committee that is responsible for studying the situation to make recommendations towards a solution.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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