Israel Stops Giving Entry Permits To Students, Thanks To A Few Who ENGAGED IN FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY


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Chaim V’Chessed has learned that, effective immediately, entry permits to Israel will no longer be issued to student visa holders.

This sudden decision by the Israeli authorities is due to the discovery of fraudulent activity involving entry permits. Several non-students have been caught in recent days entering Israel under the guise of students. Authorities have learned that unscrupulous individuals charged large sums of money for these illegitimate permits.

An immediate ramification is that student visa holders currently in Israel are advised not to leave Israel at this point, if they desire to return to Israel in the near future. It is unknown how long the permit moratorium will last.

Contrary to some rumors circulating, it is believed that permits which have already been issued will be honored.

This is another unfortunate example of a small group of scofflaws ruin an ongoing program for the entire, law-abiding community.



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  1. I’m not m’kaneh the guys for the gehenim they are going to be getting for all the bitul Torah caused. Q as you were supposed to going to be getting.

  2. I think that Biden should stop immediately all Israeli’s that have US Visas from entering US, and that is the only way Israel would learn that it is a two way street!

    Israel should stop making it a pain for current visa holders to enter Israel!

  3. We are our own worst enemies. These “oiber chochoms” have caused a Chiluba hashem, as well as bitul Torah. They’ve also probably delayed the ability of others to visit EY. I have not seen my grandchildren since January 2020. Thank you, whoever you are, for prolonging my sadness and separation.

  4. “scofflaws” pish fancy word yeshiva world. very impressed with your vernacular, you really think your article is going to serve as the warning point for people not to flout laws of their respective countries in the future, you really think your article makes a difference? is that what keeps you going?

  5. Typically, when a “bad few” ruin it for the “good overwhelming majority”, the solution to disrupt the privileges of the majority is a very lazy solution. It shows ineffective punitive & preventative measures were taken by the governing body to prevent the “bad few” from running amuck. Constituents should demand more competent (and less lazy) decision-making.

  6. From the lack of details given here, I can only assume that we are dealing with yeshiva boys. If I am mistaken, enlighten me.
    The yeshivish community wants it both ways. The boys are taught that the medinah is treif and its laws are not binding. When they are caught in a fraud, the cries of woe are heard, “the majority suffer because of a few rotten apples, how unfair”. Simple solution: Stop biting the hand that feeds you. Teach the wonderful things about the Jewish People living free from foreign rule. It will then be natural to obey the laws of the State.

  7. It is a wise move until they can develop a better system for validating those who claim “student” status. As to bitul torah, presumably the bochurim affected by this interim delay will be able to learn on their own while waiting entry into EY. They’ve done so during the Covid shutdowns, so by now, they know what to do to maintain their studies.

  8. Even if people are there already, no one will want to risk coming back for fear of not being able to come back in.
    I know a family making a bar mitzvah and their bachur probably wont be able to come, and i know a family who’s father works in EY as a maggid shiur and now maybe wont be able to come back and see them as often as they would like.
    The point i am making is that people should think before they act and even if something will benefit them, is it worth it to ruin things for so many other people?

  9. It’s ludicrous to assume that a few smart bochurim that have used the system are ruining it for everyone. Then comes the Bitul Torah, Chillul Hashem, and G’henom commentary that is actually making the Chillul Hashem by talking down on ourselves, you guys make me laugh. I assume this is just another leftist tactic to bring down the yeshiva students that wouldn’t abide to the governments ridiculous Covid regulations; while all universities are abiding to them, although, they might not like it. Or, it’s just another way to kick out students by blaming it on Covid. If the universities are not having this trouble, but the Yeshivas are, either we are doing something wrong or it’s self hating non orthodox jews that are bringing us down, not because of 2 smart bochurim, LOL C’mon!