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WATCH: 2 Ex-IDF Golani Soldiers Spar With Arab Mob In Manhattan

An Arab mob sparred with two Jews on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Wednesday, who turned out to be not only Israelis but former Golani IDF soldiers.

It’s not clear what provoked the scuffle but one of the Israelis is seen in the video holding an Israeli flag.

Policemen quickly arrived at the scene and fended the mob off and it appears from the video that the Arabs resorted to throwing objects at the Jews instead, namely shoes.

At the end of the video, policemen are seen arresting one of the Israelis for unknown reasons but perhaps he threw the first punch.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

14 Responses

  1. The evil wicked police are anti semitic savages for arresting an innocent Israeli defending himself and letting the savage heinous arabs off scot free.
    These savage police shall surely burn in Gehinom.

  2. @147 I disagree that the NYPD is antisemitic they are just following the rules if he was the one who threw the first punch then they need to arrest him. + the video dosent show all that happened who said he was defending himself maybe he was the one who approached them. I’m not defending any of the radical palestinians like the ones who threw that explosive device in Manhattan I’m just saying I don’t belive that the NYPD as a whole is antisemitic at all! in fact I’ve only seen support from the NYPD for the local jewish communitys… and if they arrested him there must be a reason…

  3. @147 but maybe your right and he was the one who was approached and attacked first I wouldn’t be suprised especially by the behavior of other radical Palestinians in Manhattan today. also if the Israeli wasnt the one who started the violence I agree 100% that he had the right to defend himself but I 100% disagree that the NYPD are antisemitic

  4. @147 nvm I slowed down the video and he did NOT attack first… at first his hand went into stopping a punch and his other hand then punched back so if this video is the whole picture then he definitely didn’t attack first that means he shouldn’t of been arrested but I do not belive that the police are antisemitic they might’ve thought he punched first as it looked that way without me downloading the video and slowing it down to 0.25 the speed

  5. Hakatan: when the next anti-semite grabs oso ish by the peyos and beats the living sin out of oso adam I hope you remember how important it is not to defend yourself.

  6. Hakatan – Habah l’hargicha hashkem l’horgo. They didn’t start this, they were attacked by a mob. There’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t have defended themselves.

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