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Turks Arrested IRGC Agents Who Tried To Abduct Israelis

It was released for publication on Monday that Turkish security forces arrested operatives of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who tried to abduct Israeli tourists on Turkish soil several weeks ago.

A senior Israeli official told Walla News that arrests were made several weeks ago as part of the intelligence and security cooperation between Israel and Turkey.

The report comes the day after the report that Israeli security officials thwarted an Iranian attempt to attack Israelis in Turkey last month.

Israeli security officials emphasized that despite the foiled abduction plans, there is still a high risk of attacks against Israelis in Turkey and therefore the travel warning to Turkey still applies.

A Channel 13 News report on Sunday quoted a security source who warned Israelis to refrain from traveling to Turkey, saying that there is “a clear and immediate danger to the lives of Israelis in Turkey” and “all Israelis in Turkey must return to Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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