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Socialist DeBlasio Says He No Longer Supports AIPAC, Insists He Still Supports Israel [VIDEO]

Former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, now running for Congress, slammed AIPAC and said he no longer supports pro-Israel lobbying and activist group AIPAC. For years, de Blasio claimed that he supported the group and even spoke at their annual policy conference.

“They have changed in a way that is unacceptable to me because they have attacked the people I believe in,” de Blasio said during a candidate forum for New York’s 10th Congressional District.

De Blasio was referring to AIPAC’s targeting of Nina Turner, a virulently anti-Israel candidate who lost her primary in Ohio to pro-Israel Shontel Brown. The attack ads against Turner were “horribly unjustified,” de Blasio said, and “deprived our nation of someone who could have been a huge difference-maker in terms of our progressive movement.”

The comments are quite an about-face from the former mayor, who has recently been courting Jewish people in the 10th District, including at a meeting with askanim last week in which he attempted to make amends over a Covid kerfuffle.

Following his comments at the candidate forum, de Blasio told Jewish Insider that he is sticking to what he said, but insisted that he is still pro-Israel.

“I have a tremendous sense of personal loyalty to the Jewish community,” he said. “I have a tremendous sense of personal loyalty to the State of Israel and support for the State of Israel. But I also have a real personal loyalty to Nina Turner as a friend. That doesn’t mean I agree with every statement that she’s made.”

“From my point of view, I know what I believe in,” he continued. “I believe in supporting Israel and providing the defense support that Israel needs. From my understanding, Nina Turner thinks aid should be conditioned. I disagree with that. I think we have to protect Israel.”

Former NYC Councilman David Greenfield said he was “surprised” by de Blasio’s comments, but that he is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“I think that there are not a lot of federal issues that speak strongly to the Borough Park portion of this district, but there’s no doubt that any candidate’s support of Israel is going to be a litmus test for whether or not that candidate gets the support of the Borough Park Jewish community,” Greenfield said.

De Blasio is one 15 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to represent NY’s 10th District in the House of Representatives. The primary will take place on August 23rd.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Unfortunately, alot of Anti-Semitism was fueled by the anti Jewish rethoric of our past New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio and our past New York governor Andrew Coumo , when they blamed on the media in front of millions of people , that our Jewish communities are ignoring their Covid rules. While at the same time they were encouraging “Black Live Matters” protests, that were far more breaking the law. It is time for the Jewish community leaders to remind all voters, about the injustice, and the damage done, by the hate spewing words and actions, of these previously elected officials.

  2. It doesn’t matter what he says. The “rt’s, gadolhadorah’s, crazykanoi’s” of the world will still vote for him or the likes of him. They take it as a sacred obligation to vote demonrat no matter who, no matter what.

  3. Boro Park is Not going with DeBlasio. We are going with Law & Order Public Safety Pro Police candidate for Congress NY-D10 Brian Robinson (@VoteBrian on Twitter)

    Brian Robinson Supports the NYPD & is Very Pro Yeshivas, 100% Pro Israel & Anti Covid Mandates.

    If you support Israel then Vote Brian Robinson @VoteBrian to represent Borough Park in Congress.

  4. BH

    Community Wide Alert Notice

    There is a once in a generation opportunity for our community:

    The August Democratic Primary Elections for New York’s 10th Congressional District, which covers half of Boro Park.

    For the first time in many years, someone is running to represent us that actually shares all our values & concerns.

    Chevra. Meet Brian Robinson.

    Brian Robinson, a Jewish American father & husband residing in lower Manhattan.

    Brian Robinson, a proud Jew. Is a staunch supporter of Eretz Yisroel.

    Brian Robinson, if elected, will not only BEZ”H be voting on important safety matters in congress concerning Eretz Yisroel, but will be a leader in encouraging other moderate Democrats in Congress that may be undecided. To fully support Israel.

    Brian Robinson’s top #1 priority is Public Safety / Law & Order – Supporting the police.

    A NYC crime victim himself. Brian is set to introduce many new bills supporting the NYPD, Making Hate Crimes to be charged & prosecuted as a federal offense (instead of the current get out of NYC Jail free in 2 hours after being arrested for a hate crime) and will be personally putting pressure on the NYPD to Permanently increase the amount of police officers stationed to the Entire Boro Park.

    As Brian Robinson stated to a local Boro Park Askun, “You can either be Pro Crime Victim or Pro Criminal” There is No middle ground & No inbetween.
    I am Pro crime Victims rights, While all the other radical candidates running against me are all pro crime. They are Ignoring daily all the crime victims throughout this wonderful city.

    Brian Robinson shared his full Support for our Yeshivas & our Frum Education,
    He stated that he will do everything that he can to fight back in the war against our Yeshivas & will encourage fellow moderate Democrats in Congress & friends in the NYS Assembly to stop this insane obsession they have with attacking our beautiful Yeshivas.

    “If anything, the broken NY Public School system can & should learn a thing or two from Yeshivas, and implement those lessons in the public school system”, Robinson said.

    Regarding all COVID-19 Mandates, Brian Robinson expressed his horror over the Summer of 2020 when all the stores in his neighborhood of lower Manhattan were being looted & ransacked every night for an entire week.

    That very same week, former Mayor DeBlasio had the chutzpah to send in the NYC Sheriff- not to control the looting in Manhattan – but to directly target the frum owned stores of Boro Park with hefty Covid Summonses and illegal seizures.

    Robinson stated that he is against all Covid related mandates, and will vote against all mandates.

    Every person should have the right to choose if they want to or don’t want to wear a mask, if they want to or don’t want to get the covid vaccine.

    As Brian Robinson said, He is the only common sense candidate, while the other candidates including former mayor Bill DeBlasio running in this election are each more extreme radical socialites than the next.

    The 10th Congressional District – which Brian Robinson is running to represent – Covers the neighborhoods of Boro Park, Lower Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn, Sunset Park & Park Slope.

    There is very strong support for Brian Robinson for Congress from dozens of organizations and different community groups from the general Downtown Brooklyn areas of Brooklyn Heights, Cobbile Hill, Carroll Gardens & Boerum Hill, Because these different areas of Downtown Brooklyn have sadly turned into a center of crime the past 2 years & there is lots of pushback from those downtown Brooklyn neighborhood local residents against all the Homeless Hotels/Shelters that the city placed since the start of Covid.

    In lower Manhattan near Chinatown & Sunset Park (Brooklyn’s Chinatown), since the recent uptick in hate crime attacks against the Asian population, there are large rallies supporting Brian Robinson for Congress, led by Asian activists, Asian residents & business owners alike.

    Boro Park Yidden, With Hashems help, we can send a Pro Israel, Pro Yeshiva, Law & Order, Anti Covid Mandate Representative for our BP district to Congress.

    Let’s not miss this opportunity.

    The Democratic Primary is August 23.
    (Early voting usually starts 10 days earlier, AND those that may be away can Always Vote via Absentee Ballot)

    BUT, whatever the number of people in our community that are registered to vote, There are many more eligible people in our community that are NOT registered yet to vote.

    Right now it is crucial that anyone and everyone in our community over age 16 should immediately register online to vote.

    VERY IMPORTANT Make sure that when registering online you join the “Democrat” Party.

    Many will ask, why should I register as a Democrat?
    Especially since all my values align with the Republican Party views.

    By registering as a Democrat you are able to Vote in the Democratic Primaries which decide who will represent our dear neighborhood of BP.

    If you don’t register as a Democrat then you can NOT vote in this election (AND you can Not vote in All other important crucial primaries elections) thus giving the most left leaning socialist candidates a much greater chance in winning the primaries and then the general election.

    In short, This is the Election that matters, But you can ONLY Vote if you are a registered Democrat, Otherwise they will not let you vote.

    If you haven’t done so already, Please change your Party Registration to “Democrat” for this reason for all Democratic primary importance elections US Congress, NY Senate, NYS Assembly, NYC City Council.

    Keep in mind by the General Midterm elections in November , regardless of your party “affiliation”, you can always Vote Republican or Democrat for whichever candidates from whichever elections of your choice. But by then the Democratic candidate will have been chosen and we must make sure it is the right one!

    Registration to Vote for this Primary Election is only open for a short period of time.

    Don’t delay! register now to vote online today!!!

    This election may very well be one of the most consequential elections for our boro park community in many years.

    This is our community & our home.

    We raise our kids here.

    We live here, Our Shuls, Yeshivas & Mosdos are here.

    We work here. We shop here.

    The impact of this Election will be felt in our schools, our homes & on our streets.

    It takes just 2 minutes online to register to vote.

    Register yourself, Register ALL your children (age 16 & up) to Vote!

    If you have a relative or friend that does not have internet access, Please do a Chesseds! help them register online to vote on your phone or computer TODAY.

    For those of you that are sick & tired from the Liberal defund policy’s affecting us that our current Congressman supports, And if you would like to “Volunteer” for this Campaign, Then please Volunteer by Forwarding this message to ALL your WhatsApp Groups, the WhatsApp Groups you are comfortable sending messages to AND all the WhatsApp Groups that you may not be so comfortable sending stuff to & rarely/never post on there.

    And obviously encourage all those you interact with to REGISTER online to Vote as a Democrat.

    For Comments, Suggestions, Ideas, or BP Askunim Endorsements you can contact Congress #D10 candidate Brian Robinson & his Boro Park Team @VoteBrian on Twitter.

    May we be Zoche to Merit the coming of Moshiach Tzidkenu in Yerushalaim Ir Hakodesh with the Beis Hamikdosh Hashlishi with the Geulah Now.

  5. The leopard will never lose his spots! DeBozo could not run NY and his beliefs should not be a litmus test for any of us to be concerned. He always hated us, (COVID memories anyone?) At the end of the bigger fish tried to fry us Yidden, and thye were not successful, and he will never be either.

  6. Confused DeBozzo:

    Someone directed him you MUST acclaim yourself “Progressive”.

    Hence, he’s still in the process of figuring out what defines one as ‘Progressive’.

  7. Letter OP-ED by a fan.

    Borough Park Congress election pitting multiple democrats against each other.

    By Jacob Bard.

    Yeshiva funding, crime, and a personal vendetta by the Adams administration, this is not a novel or a story we read on the news. These were the stakes playing out very publicly in Tuesday’s election yesterday.

    The race for Democratic District Leader for the 48th Assembly District it at its apex, and all the drama makes for clicks on our websites and gossip at our dinner table. Everyone has an opinion on who should of be elected.

    The crux of the issue by NYC do is a feud and disagreement over past support of a mayoral candidate. The city political machine is to much involved in our local politics.

    Fortunately, All the amazing District Leader candidates, are very strong supporters of the Frum Jewish community and the issues we care about. Our Borough Park district will continue to flourish regardless of who wins and I am proud to call all the candidates my friends.

    But this is a feel-good story, not a news update. What lesson can we learn from this race and complicated election?

    The city is actively to much involved in our local issues, Let’s try to look for a moment at the big picture and what’s at stake.

    Based on the latest information from internal campaign data, it is estimated that over two thousand new voters have recently registered to vote in the Borough Park district.

    Many young community residents are engaged and passionate about this much talked about election, which has local candidates which all love their community and want the best for Borough Park neighborhood and its residents.

    However, once the election happens on Tuesday, this energy and passion can BEZ”H be harnessed and used to turn this situation into a great and overwhelming victory for Yeshivas and Frum issues.

    This year is midterms, and a national ruling from the supreme court on abortion is animating many voters now on both the right and the left, making this year a toss-up for either party. Currently, the majority of the democrats’ house control hangs on a thread of a razor-thin margin of four seats. In the Senate, the margin is one seat. If you tune into any news outlet, you will get the impression that the president is Senator Joe Manchin by the power he yields over significant policy proposals.

    Among a crowded race of 15 progressive congressional candidates, Each competing against each other. Most of them don’t have our community’s interest at heart in any way, shape or form.

    Redistricting and new maps are pitting two prominent democratic political members against each other running for NY Congress district 10 which covers Borough Park.

    Bill DeBlasio, the former mayor, is running the campaign of his life to win a House seat representing our district.

    And current representative Mondaire Jones having been kicked out of his district, has decided that he will run here for another term in Congress.

    A third surging candidate is running neck and neck with them. The result is that the primary is very fractured, allowing Borough Park residents to use the bludgeoning increase in voter registration to make a significant difference in this race.

    This surging candidate’s name is Brian Robinson. He is a common sense moderate candidate focusing on repairing crucial issues affecting our community such as the increase in crime, and homeless individuals being placed in nearby shelters wandering our streets all day & night.

    As a Pro-Yeshiva democrat, Brian Robinson believes that a child’s education is in the parents’ hands and should remain there, without the government interfering with our Yeshivas and education.

    Robinson is a moderate Democrat who is 100% Pro-Israel. He considers Israel the only democracy in the middle east and our most important ally. Therefore we need to strongly stand firm in support with Israel against all threats.

    Robinson will be crucial in standing up against all anti-Israel members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

    He is also a staunch supporter of the police and would like to see more police permanently stationed to Borough Park and the entire Congressional district 10.

    We see daily in Washington DC that being the swing vote gives the swing members the power to push and attack any policy with great weight. The benefit of this increase in voter registration and political power will put our district on the map. Finally, our city and national government will take issues dear to our hearts seriously.

    When Brian Robinson IYH wins the primary, the message will be loud and clear. Clean up our streets, Stop attacking our Yeshivas, and fully support Israel since it is in our best interest.

    The midterms democratic primary to vote for Brian Robinson for Borough Park Congressional District NY-10 is August 23rd.

    All those in our Borough Park community that are not registered yet are encouraged to immediately register to vote. register as a Democrat so your vote counts for this election and for all other crucial elections affecting our dear community)

    This election may very well be one of the most consequential elections for our Borough Park community in many years.

    This is our community and our home.

    We raise our kids here.

    We live here, Our Shuls, Yeshivas and Mosdos are here.

    We work here. We shop here.

    The impact of this Election will be felt in our schools, our homes and on our streets.

    Register to vote today, And vote for common sense, public safety law and order candidate Brian Robinson.

    Thank You.
    Jacob Bard,
    Borough Park Resident.

  8. Brian Robinson that is running against 15 people including DeBlasio has a solid chance of winning in a landslide, because all the radicals will take away each other’s votes.

    Leaving 1 candidate (Brian Robinson) with all the common sense normal minded people voting for him in this Congressional NY10 election.

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