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WATCH: Rescue Dog Enters 50 Feet Deep Tunnel After Sinkhole Disaster

Israel Police’s investigation is continuing following the sinkhole disaster at the private pool on the Karmei Yosef moshav last week, which tragically took the life of Klil Kimchi, z’l, 32.

The first to locate Kimchi, z’l, was “Inga,” a rescue dog from the Magen unit in the IDF’s Oketz Unit, the canine special forces unit.

Inga was sent into a dark tunnel about 50 feet below the surface until even her operator couldn’t see her. The video below was taken from the operator’s helmet camera.

The owners of the villa and pool, who were arrested following the incident and subsequently released to house arrest, are being brought to the court on Thursday, where the police will request an extension of their house arrest.

According to reports, the construction of the pool was unsafe due to underground tunnels in the area. The couple is being charged with negligent manslaughter, running a business without a license, and money laundering.

Klil Kimchi, z’l.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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