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Shin Bet Opens Command Room In Search For Jerusalem Terrorists

The terrorists who carried out the double bombings at the entrances to Jerusalem last week are still at large.

Israel’s security services are continuing their extensive efforts to capture the terror cell, with the main focus on the intelligence level. The Shin Bet opened a special command room focused on the gathering of intelligence material, including security footage collected from dozens of cameras in and around Jerusalem in order to trace the terrorists’ escape route, most likely to Yehudah and Shomron.

Security officials believe that several terrorists carried out the double attack, acting without external guidance from organized terrorist groups, and planned the attack far ahead of time. They are believed to have been very familiar with the area where they planted the bombs, choosing the exact locations carefully.

After the terrorists planted the bombs, it is believed they monitored the area from afar to ensure that there were as many people waiting at the bus stops as possible in order to maximize the number of casualties. They then activated the explosives remotely.

Security officials believe that the actual explosions were relatively small, with most injuries resulting from the nails packed in the bombs and flying shrapnel that hit people standing near the devices.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Thank you 147. He is constantly in our thoughts and whenever I log into YWN I hope I’ll see some good news about him. Let us all not forget him and keep davening for him.

  2. 147 I’m befuddled by the seeming invisibility of moishy’s plight. He should be the first thing on all our minds when we wake in the morning and the last ad we fall asleep. Hashem yerachem.

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