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ARRESTED: ISIS Terrorist Responsible for Jerusalem Bus Stop Bombings in Custody

The Shin Bet and Israel Police said they have apprehended an Arab Israeli affiliated with ISIS who set off two bombs at bus stops in Yerushalayim just over a month ago, killing 2 and injuring two dozen.

The Shin Bet said Eslam Froukh, Israeli resident of Kafr ‘Aqab in East Jerusalem who lived much of the time in the Ramallah area, created and planted both bombs himself and acted alone. He is responsible for the deaths of Tedasa Teshuma HY”D and Aryeh Shchupik HY”D and the 2 dozen others injured.

Security officials said Froukh, a mechanical engineer, used guidebooks on the internet to learn how to make the bombs. He planned to detonate another bomb as emergency personnel treated victims at the second bombing but ran into technical issues, they added.

In the days after the attack, IDF forces in the West Bank found items used by Froukh before, during, and after the attack, including an electric scooter, clothing, and five pipe bombs.

In another area near Ramallah, security forces found the site where Froukh tested his explosives, as well as a bomb similar to those used in the bus stop attacks and a makeshift submachine gun. They believe he planned to use that bomb and gun to carry out another attack.

Police said that over the course of their investigation they also identified a second individual – unrelated to the Jerusalem bombings – who was planning an attack in Jerusalem and took him into custody.

“Following a wide-ranging intelligence effort and investigation, the security forces have apprehended the reprehensible terrorist who carried out the double bombing in Jerusalem,” outgoing PM Yair Lapid said.

“Just as we pledged, we found him. Israel will find every terrorist who attacks our citizens and will deal with them to the fullest extent of the law.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. PM Naftali Bennett said. B’H this savage {whose mother had a reform conversion} is no longer Prime-minister, and B’H no more חמץ in Hospitals over Pessach, and B’Hי his mentor HםRav חיים Druckman זצקללה”ה didn’t back up all this savage’s false claims

  2. “…will deal with them to the fullest extent of the law” what does that mean? giving him free lodging and education and allowing him to receive loads of pay-to-slay money, until the next prisoner swap?

  3. @147. I am no fan of Naftali Bennett and I am delighted that Israel has a new right wing government. But to call a fellow Yid a savage, is despicable. It’s also wrong to spread the lie that Bennett’s mother had a reform conversion. She is not a Ger. Your attitude just supports those who believe that right wing people are ignorant primitives.

  4. Ya gotta admit, the bomb setup was quite an impressive feat of engineering! If the Mr. Froukh were an Israeli, the Zionist State would proudly showcase him as a shining example of “Start Up Nation!”

  5. Israel has no right to do anything to this freedom fighter before getting permission from democrat Ned Price! Israel must have ACCOUNTABILITY.

  6. B’H, Bennett is gone Lapid is gone and BiBi is back…Hashem chose….I just trust this evil person won’t have too much breath in him at some point….

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