WATCH: Ben Shapiro Lends His Voice To Uproar Over Israel’s Judicial Reforms

Ben Shapiro in Tel Aviv. Nadav Cohen Yonatan, Go Live

Conservative media personality and The Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro addressed the furor over the planned judicial reforms by the new government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Shapiro blasted the hypocrisy of left-wing Americans bashing the judicial reforms when in fact, the reforms would make the Israeli system, what he dubbed a “self-selected dictatorship,” more similar to that of the US, where Supreme Court judges are selected by the President.

Shapiro made many of the same points noted in recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek – the Supreme Court’s unchecked power over the public’s elected representatives and its declaration of Israel’s Basic Laws as a “constitution” – enabling the Court unprecedented power to strike down laws in every realm it chooses.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The supreme court have noone to blame for these reforms, but themselves for crossing many red lines in taking the authority to decide in matters they are not supposed to.

  2. He says it just right but why has this become an American issue? Why is this not in the framework of meddling as we assert the Russians and PootiPoot did to us? It’s not an American issue! Get our noses out if there.

  3. may this man keep his big ugly liberal mind shut….he lives in America and isn’t the person who would sit at my table….more harm than good , this man and Howard Stern among others are a dis ease in our society and their wealth separates them from ‘us’….

  4. Sara Rifka: So, you have judged Ben a bad Jew who should never be allowed to speak or step foot in your home. Beautiful. Terrific ahavas Yisrael you have. Do you administer a farher to each candidate for admission to your Shabbos table?

  5. Suralah: Again with you mindless and uninformed commentary. Many of us disagree with Shaprio on multiple policy issues but he is one of the most articulate and intelligent voices on the right. And yes, American Jews (or anyone else for that matter) are free to comment on Israeli politics just as you are obviously prone to share your ignorance and hate with respect to American political institutions and personalities.

  6. CA/Ari: This poster (he/she/or they) doesn’t seem to have a clue about the substance of what he/she/they is posting about but that has never been an impediment to use of the “submit” button.

  7. He mentions that there is no constitution in Israel, but didn’t explain why as it simply was not the specific issue at hand. But, the reason why they didn’t is due to the ongoing dispute and dangerous to the (zionist israeli) state topic of the definition of ‘what is a Jew’. Every time they get together to discuss this there seems to be a meltdown, as if they would nationalize the term Jew officially, it would separate Religious Jews from the state in a strong way, besides for doing so to any Jew existing outside their borders, as their Jewish status/identity according to the self-egoistic empty and pompous zionists will be null and void, unless they sell themselves to the zionist nightmare.

  8. More so, in order to cover this issue temporarily, they have in place what is known as the (in)famous ‘law of return’, which to anyone remotely knowledgeable in Israeli politics etc, it serves as a temporary substitute to a constitution, as they have many times said