REVEALED: Ehud Barak Planned Anarchist Uprising Three Years Ago

Ehud Barak planned the current civil rebellion three years ago. "They'll call you when Jewish bodies are floating in the Yarkon," he said. (Screenshot/Forum 555)

A video from three years ago featuring former prime minister Ehud Barak discussing his plans to overthrow Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu through a civil uprising was revealed in recent days.

The video shows Barak being interviewed for Forum 555, a group of retired pilots, during the COVID pandemic. “A person accused of crimes cannot serve as prime minister in Israel. In Israel, this is an attempted governmental coup under the auspices of the COVID pandemic,” Barak said.

“A corrupt leadership is led by an experienced person who is not without talents, but who lost all restraints in his attempt to escape the threat of his court cases,” Barak claims, adding that a civil uprising is necessary but it must be presented to the public as an uprising “for the sake of democracy” rather than an attempt to get rid of Netanyahu.

“We need to find a way to talk to the Russians and the Mizrachi people,” Barak continued. “Democracy is a better dividing line. Support for democracy penetrates deep into the right as well.”

When asked if he intends to run against Netanyahu as he did in 1999, Barak, who was ejected from the premiership by the public after a year and a half and is widely seen as one of Israel’s worst prime ministers, said: “I don’t suffer from an excess of modesty. If Bibi disappears tomorrow and there is a fear of deterioration in the face of Hezbollah and the continuation of the economic crisis, then objectively I am more suitable than any other person in the country to take the helm.”

“A historian friend once told me: ‘Ehud, you will be called when bodies will be floating in the Yarkon [river near Tel Aviv], bodies of Jews who were killed by Jews.'”

Public Diplomacy Minister Galit Distel-Atbaryan (Likud) wrote: “I assume that many of you have already been exposed to this video: Ehud Barak, three years ago, details his master plan in front of a camera.”

1. To deliberately spur a civil rebellion.
3. To create a false representation of a danger to democracy because it’s effective, speaks to everyone, is catchy, and is the only fuel that can ignite a civil war.
3. Invest a lot of money into it.
4. To reach a situation in which there will be floating corpses of Jews slaughtered by other Jews in the river.
5. Kick out Netanyahu and make Ehud Barak prime minister because only he can save the situation.

“Remember: When Barak shared this plan, there was no reform, Yariv Levin was not the Justice Minister, Rothman was a fairly anonymous guy, Ben-Gvir didn’t sit in the government and the reasonableness bill was not up for a vote in the Knesset,” Distel-Atbaryan wrote.

Likud MK Boaz Bismuth responded to the video by stating that “Barak is no less dangerous than Hassan Nasrallah.”

“Look at the situation he has brought us to,” he asserted. “Did you hear what he said in Forum 555? This was all planned. A person who talks about bodies floating in the river.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Ehud Barak has nothing better to do. He comes from a clan of immense fortune – whether things go his way or not, he’s insulated.

    It’s the common folk (citizens or otherwise) in Israel who always end up maltreated by their own government – and people do not do enough to actually fix the problem.

    Is there a distinction between the different millets in terms of unity?
    Not really, because us humans are only watching out for our own self-interest.