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18 Tel Aviv Minyanim Attacked On Yom Kippur: Protesters Threw Siddurim, Called Participants “Child Killers”

A disturbing report published by the Tel Aviv Religious Council on Tuesday revealed that the Neillah tefillah at Dizengoff Square was not the only one that was subject to violent and disturbing attacks on Yom Kippur.

According to the report, 18 minyanim in Tel Aviv experienced attacks  – even minyanim that took place without a mechitzah and that were not held in public areas but were inside shuls. Some of the mispallelim reported that men deliberately sat down next to women and women next to men. Other mispallelim were attacked by protesters who yelled at them during the Yom Kippur tefillah: “Nazis, child murderers.”

At one minyan, protesters entered the chazan’s stand dressed only in bathing suits. At another minyan, a protester called to “sic” their dogs on the mispallelim and all the other protesters laughed. Another woman called to throw the siddurim into the fountain and then began throwing the siddurim off the table.

In a minyan held in a shul in Ramat Aviv Gimmel, protesters destroyed a mechitzah that was erected with legal permits. It should be noted that some of the minyanim that were disturbed by protesters had received permits from the municipality and were completely legal.

According to the report, the actions of the protesters included “shouting, women dancing, destroying equipment, not allowing the minyan to start, and shouting ‘Nazis and child killers.'” At some minyanim, the protesters blew whistles and bicycle horns to drown out the sound of the shofar.

The report stated that a total of 500 people participated in the protests. The protesters succeeded in completely preventing the tefillos from taking place in at least half of the incidents – while municipality officials did almost nothing to prevent the disruptions.

Labor party chairwoman Merav Michaeli called the Yom Kippur protesters “heroes.”

To end on a positive note, and in the ruach of simchas Yom Tov, the anti-religious protests spurred a “teshuvah backlash” by secular Israelis that will b’ezras Hashem continue to grow.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The lesbian Labor Chairwoman should be arrested.And the Amalek Lapid and Lieberman Ganz are quitte.
    And they talk always of a Jewish state. Worser then gojim they have respect

  2. Let’s see what would happen if these “heros” tried the same disgusting games in a mosque. They would be torn apart limb by limb. Of course though they would never do such a terrible thing because we have to respect our neighbors.

  3. While these incidents are a massive Chillul Hashem and Rav Moshe Sternbuch Shlita called on Rabbonim to make a public מחאה at least the left, protesters and supporting Knesset members alike, have finally shown their true colour and intentions; to DESTROY YIDDISHKEIT IN EVERY FORM – NOTHING LESS! The judicial reform, draft exemption, Bibi etc, are just smoke screens and being used to touch the emotions of the masses.
    Slowly but surely, those co-protesters realise they are being taken for a ride.

  4. @lbj, religious people would niy be using cellphones on Yom Kippur, and what makes you think these wicked people would not do, there have no fear of Hashem, they are the real Nazis.

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