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Four Injured, One Seriously, In Ashdod Rocket Attack [VIDEOS]

A rocket barrage originating from Gaza targeted the city of Ashdod, resulting in multiple impact zones and visible damage to vehicles within a parking lot.

Emergency response teams, including United Hatzalah and MDA personnel, responded fo the scene.

Four victims from two different scenes have been attended to and transported to Asuta Hospital. Among them, a 50-year-old man is in serious condition due to shrapnel injuries, while three other men aged 64, 46, and 35 are in mild condition, primarily suffering from limb injuries caused by glass shards.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. “I do not give you permission to go to the wedding of your brother or your sister because they belong to a different Rav”.

  2. They are still sending rockets from Gaza because the Israeli military is scared of the USA and the Europeans who will shrei GEVALT if they bomb areas where there are “innocent civilians”. The solution to getting rid of the Hamas missile launches is to draw a chart with squares covering the whole of Gaza and go from one square to the next until the whole place is flattened. Obviously, once the residents find out, as the Israelis will tell them, what the pattern is, they will be able to move away from the next firing zones. Hamas have said they don’t care about the residents of Gaza, they are the problem of the UN and the Israelis. We will not treat them as badly as their savages treated us but we will have no mercy on them. let the UN set up a committee to decide what to do. By the time it makes its first report, there will be no physical Gaza left. Just like there was no Dresden left after the UK and the USA finished bombing it in 1945. Oh and by the way just as the USA finished off Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the loss of at least 200,000 civilians. Actually, the UK and USA are the experts in flattering threatening areas and wiping out the civilian populations at the same time.

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