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YWN Editorial: Is Movie Star Angelina Jolie An Anti-Semite? You be The Judge

We know that a YWN editorial will do nothing to change a snooty movie star’s twisted perspective, but when one with 14 million social media followers uses her platform to promote hatred against Jews, we must call it out for what it is: A problem with the Jews.

We are referring to Angelina Jolie, who has made Instagram posts attacking Israel for its efforts to eradicate Hamas following the brutal slaughter of more than 1,400 of its citizens – almost all of them civilians – in a historically evil attack.

Jolie has made time to criticize Israel as it attempts to weed out Hamas terrorists hiding among civilians, but she has not a word to say about the slaughter of Jewish children – babies who were decapitated and placed in ovens to burn alive. An 8-year-old who had her hand cut off and left to bleed to death. Mothers raped in front of their children, fathers tortured in front of their families. Blatant internationally-recognized war crimes, but not one word about any of that from Jolie.

She has made no acknowledgment of Hamas leaders stating unequivocally that the terrorist group would happily repeat the October 7th attack “again and again” until Israel ceased to exist, nor has she said a word about the 230+ civilians still being held captive in the Gaza Strip – another violation of the Geneva Convention protocols.

In 2005, Israel forcefully removed every one of its citizens from Gaza and handed the keys to the Palestinians, allowing them a great degree of autonomy to choose their future. Rather than using the millions of dollars pouring into the Strip to create a business and culture hub, they used it to build rockets and tunnels. Instead of building a resort town that could bring in billions in international tourism, Gaza’s citizenry elected Hamas, an organization that insists it isn’t its responsibility to protect the people it rules over, and whose charter calls for the complete destruction of Israel.

Instead of creating a world of opportunity for themselves, those wielding power in Gaza chose to turn it into a nest of terrorists, openly killing its own citizens who fail to abide by their dictatorship and questioning the sensibility, morality and humanity of their actions.

Even Hillary Clinton, a staunch supporter of the “two-state solution,” recognized this, famously saying during a 2016 presidential debate: “Remember, Israel left Gaza. They took out all the Israelis. They turned the keys over to the Palestinian people. And what happened? Hamas took over Gaza. So, instead of having a thriving economy with the kind of opportunities that the children of the Palestinians deserve, we have a terrorist haven that is getting more and more rockets shipped in from Iran and elsewhere.”

It wouldn’t be fair to expect Angelina Jolie to have as full an understanding of the conflict as Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state, who noted recently that “people who are calling for a ceasefire now don’t understand Hamas.” But one should be able to expect an influential woman to have enough personal integrity to learn the reality about those she is supporting before spouting off terrorist-supporting nonsense.

Jolie has blamed Israel for creating an “open-air prison” in Gaza, refusing to acknowledge that Israel blockaded the Strip only after it was overtaken by the same bloodthirst terrorists who murdered newborns on October 7th. Nor has she noted that even Egypt, a Muslim country, blockades Gaza too, knowing full well the murderous animals who run the coastal enclave.

Why does Angelina Jolie ignore these realities? Because this isn’t about Israel. The Jewish State is just an easy target when her hatred is really directed at all Jews worldwide. She says “Israel,” but she means “Jews.” And seeing her silence when Jewish men, women and children have been attacked on American streets and college campuses in recent weeks by pro-Hamas protestors, it’s clear she has no qualms with it.

If she had an ounce of integrity in her, Angelina Jolie would publicly admit the obvious: She has a problem with the Jews.

— YWN Editors

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

14 Responses

  1. Haters gonna hate. Whoever gets their information about ethics, war and geopolitics from someone who’s claim to fame is how she looks on camera is a moron anyway. We have to stay focused on our Avodas Hashem, Ahavas Yisrael, and our hishtadlus in wiping out our enemies in EY.


    The Hollywood entertainment industry is almost-all:
    Far-Left politically, radical Progressive, neo-Marxist and Stalin-style Socialists.

    Those categories of people have almost-always relentlessly-hated Israel.

    Since Angelina Jolie is a member of that group,
    her anti-Israel behavior should not surprise anyone; we should expect it.

    The Far-Leftists, radical Progressive, neo-Marxists and Stalin-style Socialists follow a NARRATIVE in which Arab and Muslim are always innocent victims (regardless of facts) and Israel is always the illegitimate aggressor (regardless of facts).

    Every member of The Group is required to comply with that NARRATIVE, and all of the other narratives. If they fail to comply with any NARRATIVE, they risk immediate penalties, including: ridicule, shaming, name-calling, exclusion from The Group, getting fired from jobs and contracts, and being banned from working in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

  3. she is not worth the comment…..been done before, her negative addition hasn’t been utilized, for some reason, she is not the favorite….her X is

  4. 5TResident
    I’m confused. What does this have to do with anything?!

    It says in Gemara: Halacha hu beyeduah, sheisav sonei lyaakov. It’s a Jewish law that esau (the nations), hate Jacob. Isn’t it strange that you use the term that is used when talking about law? This fact is a fact, not a law that they hate Jacob!

    Say the commentators: Just like a Jewish law is binding and no matter which way you twist it, it remains the way it was intended originally, so is the fact of esau hating Jacob. You can be the biggest ethical and moral person; we can live in an open democracy nation; but don’t forget: it’s like an Halacha (never changing), that the hate is always there. A beautiful explanation, isn’t it…

    Please don’t mix issues of women rights and the issue of how a rotten Hollywood actor, which has no business criticizing Israel when she cannot bring herself to criticize Hamas. Your comment is irrelevant to the topic.

  5. Ain Od Milvado ! We only need to do more mitzvos and learn more Torah to help the matzav

    The ones who learn Torah are powering the IDF. If soldiers are dying, the Bnai Torah need to up their game ASAP
    תלמוד בבלי מסכת מכות דף י/א
    א”ר יהושע בן לוי מאי דכתיב *עומדות* *היו* רגלינו בשעריך ירושלים מי גרם לרגלינו שיעמדו במלחמה שערי ירושלם שהיו עוסקים בתורה

  6. Why stop with Angelina Jolie? There is a long list of Hollywood bigshots who say the same or worse. Some of them are Jewish.

    Susan Sarandon
    Joaquin Phoenix (Jewish)
    Cate Blanchet
    Mark Ruffalo
    Jon Stewart
    Channing Tatum
    Jessica Chastain
    Alyssa Milano

    Riz Ahmed
    Mahershala Ali
    Mo Amer
    Quinta Brunson
    Farah Bsaiso
    Jessica Chastain
    Margaret Cho
    David Cross
    Cherien Dabis
    Rosario Dawson
    Ayo Edebiri
    Fatima Farheen Mirza
    America Ferrera
    Dominique Fishback
    Andrew Garfield
    Ilana Glazer
    Oscar Isaac
    Shaka King
    Elvira Lind
    Aria Mia Loberti
    Michael Malarkey
    Rooney Mara
    Darius Marder
    Vic Mensa
    Alyssa Milano
    Hasan Minhaj
    Indya Moore
    Sandra Oh
    Hend Sabry
    James Schamus
    Amanda Seales
    Anoushka Shankar
    Alia Shawkat
    Wallace Shawn
    Sebastian Silva
    Kristen Stewart
    Jeremy Strong
    Wanda Sykes
    Michael Stipe
    Amber Tamblyn
    Bassam Tariq
    Channing Tatum
    Dominique Thorne
    Michelle Wolf
    Shailene Woodley
    Ramy Youssef

  7. This hasbeen demented for a long time. I believe it is the fillers, laser treatments, implants all over her body that has damaged her soul (if she has one). Remember she used to wear her boyfriend/husband’s blood around her neck. She has been a rotten person since before her dad announced he was a Noahide. She has never been there for her children nor for the “adopted” children that are probably confused about life due to her inadequacies. She supports the murdering of ALL JEWS!!!! Brad Pitt is glad to be away from this lunatic.

    She is also the one who stated if your mother had breast cancer, cut your breasts off! Those like me who are survivors of that condemned that immediately. She belongs in Syria or Afghanistan. Not the USA

  8. Not much to expect from a heroin addict, who attemted suicide twice, had a nervous breakdown and spent 3 days in the ward, and used to self harm herself regularly.

    Source: Wikipedia

  9. She is mentally disturbed, don’t even think she knows what anti-semitism is.
    Just caught up in her extremely messed up ideology and this is just another part of it.
    But they all ignore what is right in front of their eyes if it conflicts with their ideology, and the better ones just say “Oh tragic, why can’t WE just learn to live together.”
    Messed up people, good that most of them have opted out from parenthood, wish she had as well.

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