“STATE OF PALESTINE” Abbas Tells Blinken P.A. Is Ready To Assume Control Of Gaza


Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, during a meeting with US State Secretary Anthony Blinken in Ramallah, expressed readiness for the PA to assume full responsibility for the Gaza Strip as part of a comprehensive political solution. This solution would encompass the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza once Israel’s war with the Hamas terror group concludes.

Abbas emphasized that achieving security and peace requires ending Israel’s military control over the territories of the “State of Palestine” and recognizing East Jerusalem as its capital.

Abbas also reaffirms that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which governs the PA, is the exclusive legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and holds sole decision-making authority. This stance effectively distances the PA from rival group Hamas, which seized control of the Gaza Strip in a violent coup in 2007.

This declaration comes at a time of uncertainty regarding the future leadership of the coastal enclave and concerns about the potential power vacuum, given Israel’s commitment to eradicate Hamas in the ongoing war.


  1. Now this פרא אדם once what he was sort of offered years ago. He’s not going to be able to control anything and it’s not going to make anything any better at all!

  2. So basically let Isreal go into a deadly war with Hamas, and clean out the entire area of these nazi animals. Comes this peasant Abbas, And had the audacity to tell Blinken, that he will control.
    Hmm sounds a little sketchy to me. Let abbas take down Hamas, and let him present himself then

  3. That what he wanted since Day 1. For Israel to give gaza back to Fatah, and take all of the international blame. Making Abbas – an illegitimate leader – the winner. I guessed this 3 weeks ago and here we are.

  4. The PA/Abbas is currently in charge of the West Bank- and they evidently have very little control over radicalism and terrorism from Nablus, Jenin, etc. Even if one can argue that if they hold an election, the Pa/Abbas wins and Fatah/PA/Abbas take control is that the endgame? Even if PA/Abbas are the lesser of two evils (compared to Hamas) and they take control over Gaza, Israel can NEVER relinquish military control over Gaza to the PA – that would be suicide. By the way a state can still be politically independent/sovereign with military control by another nation. Take Liechtenstein- a fully independent nation with its own prince yet Switzerland assumes all military security. So academically speaking you could give Gaza/West Bank statehood without giving up military control. In theory Gazans should fully welcome this- their tax money wont have to fund a military and they can take all the billions they get from Qatar and other “humanitarian” relief funds into building hospitals and schools, etc. Of course all this is impossible because the majority of Palestinians subscribe to Hamas’ radical Islamic approach- they don’t want a state in Gaza= they want to see Israel eradicated and wiped of f the map and all Jews killed RLTZL. Lets not forget Abbas and Fatah are the heirs of Yasser Arafat- these are not tzadikkim. So the response to a terror attack where 1400 innocent Jews/Israeli civilians killed, ~242 taken hostage, hundreds of Israelis soldiers (still) dying to root out Hamas should be to give control to a weak Abbas whose true intentions are dubious at best? There are no easy answers here.

  5. yeah right cmon and what good will that do now bring back the dead soldiers the writing is on the wall can’t u maybe see it clearly now there can u or ur so blind with hatred 2 see it or sick in the head or just plain dumb

  6. This is very predictable Biden Blinken Obama cut from the same cloth they all speak out of both sides
    Appease the Arabs at Israels expense
    When Biden said he has Israels back
    I knew that we are screwed

  7. In Oslo they offer Yasser Arafat over 95% of what he asked for and he still backed away from the deal. They don’t and never did want 2 states. That want to wipe out Israel and kill every Jew RLTZL. Nobody at the pro Palestinian protests is talking about 2 states, they are all chanting “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!”

  8. Blinken needs to return to yhe land of Nod and stay there. This terrorist in a suit should be deported to Jordan to sleep with Abdullah. Israel needs to keep the Sinai strip for good. Oslo was illegal and the acts Israel did needs to be undone. Jenin, Ramallah all need to be terrorist free. I will donate my two cents in kicking out terrorists aka PLO/PA from Israel. Saudi has a lot of open space. Let them go home to Arabia!

  9. Abbas only supports moderate Arabs. You know, the ones who kill Jews moderately.

    Let’s not forget the Pay for Slay stipend that they give to families of terrorists – over $300 million annually!

  10. As an American, I say do not give that rabid anti-Semite or his organization control over Gaza — regardless of what the Biden Administration says. That group would only look to replicate Oct. 7. The Biden Administration is trying to placate the racist, anti-Semitic, extreme left wing of the Democratic Party. G-d willing, my country will get back its President — President Trump — in the 2024 election.