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NEED A MINYAN IN GAZA? Shacharis At 6:30, 8:00; Mincha 12:30, 3:45; Maariv 9:15

According to a report by Walla, IDF soldiers have set up a Shul in the central area of the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing ground invasion.

In this initiative, the soldiers transformed an existing building into a Shul. They furnished it with benches, a table designated for Seforim and Siddurim.

The name of the Shul is “Bais Haknesses Heichal Avraham”.

The Minyanim times are updated each day.

YWN was unable to find out if there is a sponsorship available for the coffee room.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Yeshiva World – this same content could have been presented in a way which ALSO shared the grave danger these soldiers are in every day. Even adding a line at the end that they should all be safe. As a Mom of a soldier in Gaza right now I’m disappointed in the overall tone, but believe you just aren’t aware. Please do better — my sons buried three friends. We can share the warm davening times, and amidst the serious situation

  2. In honor of the previous mispalelim at this location who are now hiding underground (BMN – beit midrash namuch), the beit knesset should be named “beit bney korach”

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