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WATCH: Why Did Café Workers Deny A Jew Access To The Bathroom?

The StopAntisemitism account posted a video of a Jewish woman “denied access to a bathroom” at Farley’s Coffee in Oakland California.

What happened is that the woman had complained of antisemitic graffiti in the bathroom and then decided she wanted to photograph it. The employees tried to stop her – with one employee saying that “it’s private property.” That prompted another employee to suddenly make a shockingly antisemitic statement, saying: “I know Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own.”

The employees continue to hold their ground until the Jewish woman says: “If you agree with it, then why are you so afraid that I’ll take a picture of it?” They then suddenly relent and tell her to go ahead.

The woman then proceeds to take photos of the graffiti which includes the statements, “Your neutrality is enabling genocide! Free Palestine!” and “Zionism is Fascism.”

Meanwhile, the employees tell her: “It’s not 1948” and “Free Palestine.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. “History did not start in 1848”!! Did he just say that????

    That’s right.
    History did NOT start in 1948.
    The jews lived in this land thousands of years ago and they returned to what was stolen from them.

    The anti zionists believe history started in 1948. That white European colonial settlers stole the land out of nowhere.

    Some people

  2. History apparently went like this: In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth. And the Jews immediately stole Palestine.

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