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BIDEN AND BIBI HAVE LONG CALL: Tells Media After “I Did Not Ask For Ceasefire”

President Biden gave a tight-lipped response when he was asked about his recent communication with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday.

“I had a private conversation,” the president told reporters outside of the White House. “I did not ask for a ceasefire.”

Biden also said that the conversation was “long” but did not provide extensive details about their chat.

“Netanyahu sir, did you tell him not to strike Hamas in a preemptive strike?” a reporter asked the president.

“I had a long talk with Netanyahu today and it’s a private conversation,” Biden responded.

Meanwhile, later in the evening, the White House released a statement about President Biden’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, as the war between Israel and Hamas continues.

“President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke today with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel,” the statement read. “The leaders discussed Israel’s military campaign in Gaza to include its objectives and phasing.”

The White House noted that Biden advocated for Gazan civilians during the exchange.

“The President emphasized the critical need to protect the civilian population including those supporting the humanitarian aid operation, and the importance of allowing civilians to move safely away from areas of ongoing fighting,” the White House’s press release continued. “The leaders discussed the importance of securing the release of all remaining hostages.”

“They agreed to remain in regular consultation both directly and through their respective national security teams,” the statement added.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I fail to see how Netanyahu is supposed to take anything a demented idiot like Biden says seriously. Biden was a fool long before he had to be propped up with meds everyday just to keep him upright for an hour or two a day. Netanyahu is supposed to take military cues from a guy who’s more concerned about proper pronouns for men in dresses and tampons in the men’s room at military bases than making sure the US ships arent attacked by a bunch of minor league pirates?!

  2. No one believes him. The Muslims won’t believe him either. Congenital liar. It’s all about votes and he’s losing everyone

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