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Biden To Bibi: “US Will Oppose Israeli Counterattack On Iran”

US President Joe Biden told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the US will oppose an Israeli counterattack on the Islamic Republic, media outlets reported on Sunday morning.

Biden told Netanyahu that the US would not assist Israel in such an attack.

“You got a win. Take the win,” Biden said to Netanyahu, according to an Axios report that quoted a White House official.

The report added that U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin asked his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant to notify Israel ahead of any strike against Iran

Senior Iranian officials said that Iran warned the US of supporting an Israeli retaliatory attack, saying that it would target US bases in return.

This “is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the US MUST STAY AWAY!” Iran’s mission to the UN in New York stated on Sunday morning.

Tehran also warned Israel of a more significant attack if it retaliates for the unprecedented attack on the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, Israel’s war cabinet is scheduled to meet on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. to discuss its response to the strike. According to Channel 12 News, Israel intends to carry out a significant retaliatory attack but to try to align its moves with the US and other western allies to avoid sparking a regional war.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  1. “Tehran also warned Israel of a more significant attack if it retaliates for the unprecedented attack on the Jewish state.”

    That “State” is Zionist, not Jewish. Please stop propagating that Zionist lie.

  2. On this occasion Biden is right; Israel will gain nothing from a retaliation. The biggest retaliation was, that no significant damage or injuries were achieved by sending 300 expensive drones – total waste of money and the made a fool of themselves. More is not needed – we do not believe in כחי ועצם ידי but אל תתגרה באומות

  3. We give aid to Israel. They do what we want. The world is against Israel because how bad the IDF has performed in Israel. Without America Israel would be toast.

  4. “You got a win”
    5billion spend one night with minor damages and two hopitalizations is not a win. It means not a devastating loss, don’t confuse the too.

    A true loss would be not too chop the head of this snake when the entire world is expecting it. This would include the nuclear sites and navy launch pads which are actively threatening the region.

  5. How does someone post that the drones are expensive? They are the same ones exported in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Biden will have a hard time backing an attack on Iran after the billions he is allowing them to have by easing sanctions on this country (just eased again about 3 weeks ago or so). Plus whatever other aid he gives them under various guises.

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