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Former PM Bennett Suggests New Policy: Hamas Or Hezbollah Fire Rocket At Israel? Tehran Should Pay Price

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett wrote the following on his X account on Sunday afternoon:

Some points regarding the overnight Iranian missile attack on Israel:

1. Contrary to what pundits are saying, this wasn’t designed merely as “bells and whistles” with no damage.

When you shoot 350 flying objects timed to hit Israel at the same moment,
when you use three fundamentally different weapon types—cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and UAVs,
you’re looking to penetrate Israel’s defenses and kill Israelis.

2. The US administration is telling us: “This is a victory, you’ve already won by thwarting the missiles.
No need for any further action.”

No, it’s NOT a victory.
Yes, it’s a remarkable success of Israel’s air defense systems, but it’s not a victory.

When a bully tries to hit you 350 times and only succeeds seven time, you’ve NOT won.

You don’t win wars just by intercepting your enemy’s hits, nor do you deter it.
Your enemy will just try harder with more and better weapons and methods next time.
How DO you deter?
By exacting a deeply painful price.

3. It’s incorrect to say “nobody got hurt”.
There’s a 7 year-old Israeli-Arab girl called Amina Elhasuny fighting for her life.
That’s who coward Khamenei hit.

4. The Islamic Republic of Iran made a big mistake.
For the past 30 years it’s been wreaking havoc on the region—through its proxies.
A terror-octopus whose head is Tehran, and its tentacles are in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Gaza.

How convenient.
The Mullahs send others to conduct horrendous terror attacks, and die for them.
Other people’s blood.

Israel’s strategic mistake for the past 30 years was to play along this strategy.
We always fought the Octopus’ arms, but hardly exacted a price from its Iranian head.
This should change now:
Hezbollah or Hamas shoots a rocket at Israel?
Tehran pays a price.

5. The enemy is the Iranian REGIME, not the wonderful Iranian people.
The Iranian regime reminds me of the Soviet regime in 1985: corrupt to the core, old, incompetent, despised by its own people, and destined to collapse.
The sooner the better.
The West can accelerate the regime’s inevitable collapse with a set of soft and clever actions, short of military force.
Remember, USSR collapsed without any need for a direct American attack.
Let’s do this.

6. Israel is fighting everybody’s war. In Gaza, Lebanon and Tehran.
We’re considered “the small Satan” by radical Islam. America is the big one.

I’ll be clear: if these crazy fanatic Islamic terrorists get away with murder by hiding among civilians, this method will be adopted by terrorists worldwide.

We’re not asking anyone to fight for us. We’ll do the job.
But we do expect our allies to have our back, especially when it’s tough – nd now it’s tough.

Be on the right side and help us defeat these horrible and savage regimes.

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  1. Stop talking so much. Stop believing that you figured it all out. Look into our seforim and see what it says about the end of days…

  2. Nice words, but coming from a guy who already showed he is willing to sacrifice all his principles in order to have a short stint as one of the weakest prime ministers in Israel’s history.

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