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IDF Destroys Homes Of Terrorists In January Ra’anana Terror Attack

The IDF have demolished the homes of terrorists Ahmed Zidat, 25, and Mahmoud Zidat, 44, both residents of the West Bank town of Bani Naim. The two, who were cousins, were responsible for a deadly terror attack that occurred in the city of Ra’anana earlier this year, on January 15, involving a car-ramming spree that resulted in the death of 79-year-old Edna Bluestein HY”D and injured 17 others.

In other parts of the West Bank, six wanted Palestinians were apprehended during separate operations. Since October 7, the IDF has detained approximately 3,850 wanted Palestinians across the West Bank, with over 1,650 individuals linked to Hamas, according to official IDF figures.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Demolishing the houses of terrorists is a good start, but it does not go far enough.

    The houses of terrorists should be permanently confiscated, and sold-at-auction to the highest Jewish bidders.

    The money collected from the sales of those houses should be used to help Jewish victims of the terrorists.

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