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Report: US To Approve Rafah Op If Israel Refrains From Major Attack Against Iran

The Biden administration has agreed to approve Israel’s plan for a ground operation in Rafah in exchange for a promise from Israel that it will not carry out a large-scale retaliatory strike against Iran, an Egyptian senior official told the Qatari news site Al-Araby Al-Jadeed on Thursday.

The report was confirmed by a Western diplomat.

According to the report, Egyptian forces are on high alert in the northern Sinai along the Gazan border in order to thwart a flood of Gazans from entering the country when the Rafah operation takes place.

The senior official said that an Israeli attack against Iran is not realistic if the US is opposed to it, considering that US forces played a key part in thwarting the attack.

He added that the IDF carried out strikes overnight Wednesday in several areas next to the Egyptian-Gazan border, and said that Egyptian security officials were informed of the strikes prior to their execution.

The Guardian reported that the IDF is already preparing for its attack on Rafah, transferring a large number of tanks and armored personnel carriers into Gaza. The IDF also confirmed earlier this week that it purchased 40,000 tents to prepare for the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of civilians from Rafah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Is this some game of Chess? Isn’t this playing politics with Jewish lives? Why isn’t there even a mention of hostages: is that soooo yesterday? This is the plain old disgraceful Democrats at it again. Let Israel do what it needs to do Mr. Nanny.

  2. Variations of this report have circulated for several days and have been denied by both EY and the U.S. There will be BOTH a response to Iran and a limited incursion into Rafa to destroy Hamas infrastructure and take out as many of the terrorists as possible w/o the same level of collateral damage as in the North. I’m not sure it makes much sense to rely upon an Arab news source and some unnamed “Western” diplomat.

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