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REPORT: IDF Used Air To Surface “Rampage” Supersonic Missile To Attack Iran

Israeli forces reportedly utilized an air-to-surface missile named ‘The Rampage’ in an attack on a military base near the Iranian city of Isfahan overnight Thursday-Friday, as per a report from Hebrew media.

According to Kan broadcaster, ‘The Rampage’ was identified through photographic evidence and correlates with the scale of damage incurred during the assault. This 4.7-meter (15-foot) missile boasts supersonic speeds, rendering it challenging to detect and intercept via air defense mechanisms like the Iron Dome.

While Israel has refrained from official commentary on the strike, Iran has minimized the event, asserting that only three small drones, without any missiles, were involved in the Isfahan attack.

Manufactured by Israeli Military Industries Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries, ‘The Rampage,’ unveiled in 2018, is engineered to breach and neutralize fortified areas such as bunkers.

The revelation from Kan follows a report by The New York Times, indicating that the purported Israeli strike on Iranian air defenses near the Natanz nuclear site employed a sophisticated missile capable of evading Iran’s radar systems. Officials suggested that this action was calculated to dissuade Iran from launching further direct assaults on Israel.

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)

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