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WSJ: Biden and US Officials Were “Alarmed” As They Watched Scale of Iran’s Attack On Israel

The Wall Street Journal reveals that US President Joe Biden and security officials observed with “mounting alarm” as the magnitude of Iran’s ballistic missile assault on Israel unfolded last weekend.

A senior official remarks, “This was on the high end, I think, of what we were anticipating,” referring to the moment when the scope of the Iranian barrage became apparent.

An unnamed official informs the newspaper that it remained “unclear until all was said and done” whether Israel’s missile defenses and the coalition of nations involved had effectively intercepted the projectiles.

According to the report, the US had anticipated that their strategy could counter approximately 50 ballistic missiles, leading to deep concern when it became evident that over 100 had been launched.

As signs pointed to an imminent attack by Iran, a clandestine team of US military personnel was dispatched to Tel Aviv to collaborate at “a missile defense operations center,” the outlet discloses.

Additionally, plans were devised for Saudi and Jordanian aircraft to safeguard their airspace if required.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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