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The Secret Meeting Between The Rosh Yeshiva Of Slobodka And The IDF General

The head of the IDF’s Personnel Directorate, Gen. Yaniv Asor, traveled to Bnei Brak before Pesach for a secret meeting with HaGaon HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, the Rosh Yeshivah of Slabodka and one of the leaders of the Chareidi Litvak sector.

The meeting was held on the background of the Supreme Court and the Attorney-General’s demands on the government to recruit bnei yeshivos.

Sources close to HaRav Hirsch said that the Rosh Yeshivah stressed that he will not agree to any plan that does not allow all bochurim to learn Torah without interference from the IDF.

Senior IDF officials confirmed the meeting. The IDF responded to an inquiry from B’Chadrei Chareidim by stating: “The Personnel Directorate deals with a wide range of issues related to strengthening the competence of the IDF…including working to promote the integration of Chareidim in a variety of service paths while providing the opportunity to maintain their lifestyle and beliefs. The General met with many leaders in the Chareidi public in order to learn about the various aspects related to the issue and promote it successfully.”

On Wednesday, the government stated that it is working on a plan to recruit Chareidim in the immediate future in a response to the Supreme Court’s demand to clarify how it intends to comply with the law regarding the Chareidi draft.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. I simply can’t agree with the chareidi position
    There are so many options other than complete refusal.
    The talmidim of rabbi Akiva didn’t treat each other with respect.
    Sure seems like we’re repeating things aren’t we.

  2. 1818 it is yemei sefirah and we know what happened to klal Yisroel for not treating each other with respect therefore I will be nice

    Your comments indicate that you have no familiarity with the oilam Hatorah and therefore are not suited to comment on their perspective.

  3. This is not a matter of respect it it a matter of doing what God wants Jews to do.

    If you were knowledgeable enough you would also appreciate that this is also the most sensible and security-wise position. I don’t have the time or energy to elaborate at the moment but this is the truth.

  4. Treating others with respect does not mean ignoring when they are wrong. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Leaders avoiding name-calling, engaging, and having respectful dialogues based on Halacha would be a nice start…

    an Israeli Yid

  5. 1818:
    So, if a missionary were to tell you to worship his savior, would you say the same there? Come on; find some common ground, CH”V.

    Of course, in the Torah’s view, there are zero options other than complete refusal. Period. The Zionist army is shmad; its express purpose is to destroy the Judaism of its inductees and to convert them to Zionist idolatry.

  6. 1818, speaking of respect, start with learning to respect people who have opinions at odds w yours.

    They are even allowed, heaven forfend, to live their lived in disobedience to your will.

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