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IDF Charges Reservist With Severe Crimes For Mutiny Video

A video that circulated on social media over the weekend showed a masked reserve soldier in Gaza calling for mutiny against Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Lalevi for their lack of resolve to achieve victory over Hamas.

The video created a stir and the military police quickly found the reservist and charged him with serious offenses, including mutiny, incitement to mutiny, disobeying orders and disorderly conduct.

Many Israelis commented on the selective enforcement displayed by the IDF after it ignored multiple calls for army refusal during the leftist protests against the government prior to October 7th.


The reservist said in the video: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: this video is meant for you. We, the reserve soldiers, do not intend to give over the keys of Gaza to any Palestinian Authority, don’t intend to transfer the keys of Gaza to any entity – Hamas, PLO, or any other Arab entity.”

“The reserve soldiers are behind you and we want to win. The reserve soldiers are behind you and we want to be victorious. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You have 100,000 reservist soldiers who are ready to be moser nefesh for Am Yisrael. We’re ready to die. We lost everything – our family lives, our parnassah, and we have nowhere to go. We’ll stay here until the end – until victory.”

“Yoav Gallant – you can’t win the war. Resign. You cannot win the war, you cannot command us. And I’m informing you, Mr. Yoav Gallant – if we don’t achieve victory, 100,000 reservists will remain on the security fence, we won’t move from there. We’ll call to the residents of Israel to come to Gaza, and under our protection, we’ll heed one leader – and it’s not the defense minister or the IDF Chief of Staff – it’s the prime minister. Think very well to whom you intend to transfer the keys.”

“We want victory. Our brothers weren’t murdered for nothing, weren’t raped for nothing, and weren’t slaughtered in their beds for nothing. We who ran to battle on October 7th and remained here until now without being able to spend time with our families – want victory!! We want to finish off whoever remains here. Everyone who celebrated our slaughter, the small children who trampled the heads of our brothers, the soldiers – we want to kill all of them. No one will remain alive. Whoever harmed Am Yisrael, whoever harmed our brothers – the Jews, the Druze and Bedouin – we want to destroy them.”

“And you Mr. Gallant cannot do this. And so I’m informing you – either you change your plans and understand that we want victory or we’ll only follow the prime minister. We’ll heed only the one who decides to be victorious.”

“You wanted a military revolution? We the reservists who can’t return to our homes – we’ll show you what victory is and how real Jews win.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. He needs 5 medals. Shame on the leftists in the military and the government, Israeli blood is cheap for them.

    This soldier has got one thing wrong though, Netanyahu the coward is also behind giving the land to an “international force”. Shame on these “leaders”.

  2. The video is real, the video is fake, that’s not the issue here. The issue here is that those leftist pigs that run the IDF and the defense establishment, the ones who are truly responsible for the October 7th massacre, they are untouchable. They protect themselves and they have immunity. I only wish that there would be soldiers who are truly willing to be moser nefesh and rid Am Yisrael of this scourge. Every single one of them.

  3. Imagine if you were given the mission of making sure aid gets to Gaza. Imagine leaving your family so that you can complete this mission while under fire. Imagine doing this to appease the US, who then stabs you in the back by delaying the supply of much needed bombs.

    You don’t need to imagine this. It’s really happening.

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