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Bombs Used in Deady Rafah Strike, Are US-Made GBU-39 Bombs Designed To Reduce Casualties

Investigations by CNN and The New York Times have revealed that the bombs used in Israel’s strike near Rafah on Sunday, which killed dozens of Palestinians, were GBU-39s, a type of munition manufactured in the United States. Analysis of debris from the bomb, including identification numbers and the tail actuation system, confirmed the type of munition used.

According to a report by The New York Times, American officials have encouraged Israel to use GBU-39s, which are designed to be more precise and reduce civilian casualties.

The IDF confirmed yesterday that two bombs were used in the strike, each containing 17 kg of explosives, which matches the specifications of the GBU-39.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. So are the leftist Looney tune people saying that they use the right type of munitions and the only reason that there was a fire etc was because the Arabs YMSH were storing weapons nearby?

  2. the fire broke 180 meters (about 2 football fields) from the target, so the bombing was NOT likely to be the source. so once again, hamas is fibbing, and the mainstream media is gleefully repeating their lies.

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