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IDF Chief Of Staff Calls To Recruit Chareidim: “We Want To Do It In The Right Way”

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi held a situational assessment and tour in central Gaza with the head of the Southern Command, Maj.-Gen. Yaron Finkelman, and other senior IDF officials.

During the tour, Halevi said: “We want to expand our base as much as possible. There’s an opportunity for change in Chareidi society – not broad enough – but there’s a desire for a change.”

“We want to move forward not because it’s nice but first and foremost because it’s necessary…every Chareidi battalion we establish will decrease the need for thousands of reserve soldiers. It’s now a clear need and therefore we want to encourage it strongly. And we want to do it in the right way, do it well.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Firstly I want point out what I think is more important than whether chareidim are drafted or not. Israel and North Korea are basically the only countries in the world that draft (non religious) women. We should use all our powers to end this. Perhaps volunteering many yeshiva bachurim to take their place if necessary.
    Secondly the ideal system would be to for all men to go to the army except leviim. Perhaps you could have leviim who arent up to learning to switch their place with a yisrael.

  2. Listen to his words: “There is an opportunity for change in Chareidi society”. That’s the real reason, they want to change chareidi society. They want chareidim to abandon their ways and become like everyone else. That’s the real reason for their wanting to draft chareidi youngsters.

  3. But, General Halevi, the new Chareidi recruits cannot be as ready as reservists can: they’re trained and can quickly become re-established! No? I can understand the general idea of enlisting Chareidim who are not currently learning.

  4. sensibleyid:
    The Brisker Rav dealt with that Zionist shmad tactic back in his day and stated that we are not the owners of Hashem’s Torah to choose what to discard CH”V to accomplish some gain. Sending any Jew to be shmaded in the Zionist army is a non-starter. The Zionists made that cataclysmic mess there against the will of the Jews already living there. If the Zionists wish to serve their idol by serving in the Zionist army, that’s their business. But leave the Jews alone. As well, the Zionist disgusting policy of drafting of women is for two purposes: immorality and to shmad them, to convert them to Zionism. Offering men to be drafted instead would not work for the Zionists, because it wouldn’t accomplish those two objectives.

  5. No one is as blind as the one who doesn’t want to see: ARE 10 SOLDIERS DEATH IN 1 DAY, JUST AFTER THE IDF CREATED THE CHAREIDY BATTALION NOT ENOUGH?!


  6. @DavidtheKanoi – do you keep HKB”H’s cheshbonos, to say that the ten soldiers who fell Al Kidush Hashem fell due to the Chareidi draft issue??? HOW DARE YOU????????? Do you realize that of the ten Kedoshim, three were Bnei Yeshiva who loved learning no less than any Chareidi – but who understood their achrayus to Klal Yisrael and acted on it. Another was a Frum father and grandfather who also was Kove’a Itim – and was past the age of Miluim, but volunteered since he, too, had a sense of achrayus.

    You should seriously consider taking a trip to Har Hertzel, where they all were brought to Kevuras Yisrael on Sunday, to ask their Mechila.

    an Israeli Yid

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