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IDF Announces Death Of Another Soldier In Booby-Trapped Building In Rafah

The IDF on Sunday evening announced the death of Staff Sgt. Tzur Avraham, H’yd, 22, from Modi’in.

Avraham, who served in the Nachal Brigade, was killed in Rafah on Sunday when the building he was searching partially collapsed after an explosive device was detonated in a hidden tunnel shaft.

An officer was seriously wounded in the explosion and two soldiers were moderately wounded.

Earlier on Sunday, the IDF announced the deaths of ten soldiers, eight in an APC explosion on Shabbos and two in a tank incident on Motzei Shabbos. In addition, another soldier who was seriously wounded in a booby-trapped building in Rafah last week died of his wounds on Shabbos.

Their deaths increase the death toll of the ground war in Gaza to 312.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. What horrifying conditions. We enter buildings hoping to find hostages or eliminate terrorists, meanwhile the buildings have been booby trapped with explosives in hidden tunnels within the buildings, activated by our presence or remotely. Destroying these buildings, after our roof knocks, should be considered a valid approach, but we refrain until we know they are empty of civilians, and weaponry/evidence has been seized. Low end drones could be sent in first, if possible, perhaps carrying scarecrows. Also, do we maintain a constant monitoring library on each building. If no one goes in or out, perhaps it’s only access is by tunnels. This is why other countries carpet bomb whole areas, but they aren’t careful about collateral damage. It should be a zechus for us for shamira.

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